Saturday Evening Post #94: From the Notebook

“How ya Doin!”
Eddie Murphy Beverly Hills Cop

Shout out to all who are in Lockdown at the moment. We are at the end of week one with five to go.
It’s kinda like the job that just has to be done. Like vacuuming under the couch, or taking out the rubbish.

After the past few Posts I thought I’d try a lighter look at what has accumulated in my Notebook.

When I was still an apprentice, an early mentor introduced me to carrying and even better, making notes in a Daybook. I have, I guess been an inveterate note collector ever since. In the early days, notes of film type, lighting, camera settings studio setups filled many a page.
I came across one of those books a long time back (since lost again unfortunately) that had diagrammes of set design or location details for shots that I didn’t even recall making.

I even went through a “Yellow PostIt Note” phase.  Just about everywhere you looked in the workroom were magazines, books, tabletops and equipment with little yellow notes with scribbled details.

Or excepts from some book or movie or activity that I thought I might work on.

These days, I confess, I clip things from the Web and keep in an electronic notebook.

Here is one I came across recently.
Jane Goodall.
Jane is the lady from the 1960s who spent her life working in Africa with Chimpanzees. Amazingly her discoveries changed a lot of scientific thought about these creatures and the whole human race.
She recalls in a BBC interview some of the most important events from her time in the jungle.
Here is the link.

Her technique of getting to know the Chimps as individuals was frowned on by the scientific community. Yet my own experience with birds has followed a similar path. Great to hear her defend her position. Enjoy

I found this one a bit amusing

Would have never thought of using Ibis as a measuring tool.
As some wag said,
“If you are 3 Ibis away, you’ve just lost your lunch”

From the Rodney Smith collection challenge last week.
The image I’m currently living with was the one “Zoe with Ducks” From the Storytelling Series.

However I am also quite taken by “Chicken Haiti”  from the Humour set, is in there with a chance as well. I like it for the moment of timing. Given chickens to the best of my knowledge generally don’t perform to schedules.

I woke this morning with the sound of rain on the roof, and outside it was all grey and gloomy.
“Good day to stay under the Doona I thought”, and for no apparent reason, the song “Rainy Days and Mondays always get me Down”, by Karen Carpenter rang through my head. Funny as I haven’t heard it for years, and could never have cast myself as Carpenters fan.

Talkin’ to myself and feelin’ old
Sometimes I’d like to quit
Nothin’ ever seems to fit
Hangin’ around.



Robin Whalley, a Landscape photographer from England posted this one. Interesting to me as he has gone back through some of his old work, and found some shots that he’d ignored, but now that he has some time, he’s been able to bring out a feel and mood that he’d missed earlier.

As I’m now working through my own collection of “Might have been good” shots, I found it very encouraging.

Funny old world.


The Doona Hermit


6 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post #94: From the Notebook

  1. A good read tonight, David! And a great header image! It is great to get to know the birds we work with, and if the scientists disapprove then so be it! The connection that is formed is amazing and teaches us so much about the birds.
    Sure was a day for sitting inside, sorting through the archives or just staring out the window today. Too cold and too grey and too damp for this little black duck to venture out, even into the garden.
    Stay well!

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    1. Hi David, Not looking all the best at the moment, I walked this morning in the sunshine. Near our local Coles, we have a pair of Lapwings with 3 new offspring. They are pretty protected behind a chain wire fence, so it does look promising.
      Might have to load up a camera if I get another sunny morn.


  2. What a pose for you! And an interesting ramble through your notes on life. Jane Goodall is one of those people who should be in charge of the world, which would make it a better place for all of us – she’s a wonder.

    I did like the measurement of three bin chickens. It reminded me of an old photograph I might dig out for Flickr …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Eleanor, she is wondeful isn’t she, and she has a warmth and charm in her voice that is such a change from the raucous yell louder that seems to be current speaking technique


  3. Sad you are all in lock down for so long David, we are quite concerned here in Sydney at the moment because of recent exposures. Going back through the past jottings can be an interesting journey during these days though. I had a chuckle at the wag’s comment, yes it is funny they used ibis. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ashley, the problem with this monster, is that it gets away when everyone is not looking.
      I do hope that they are able to jump on it before it becomes the runnaway train it is here Melbourne. (The home of the stupidous people in Australia)
      Police issued nearly 300 fines in past 24 hours. What does it take!

      Blog is interesting to write, as I’ve gotta be careful not to get bogged down in my own tiny world. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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