Photographic Essay: New Life Abounds

Here is a quick update of several of the clutches of Masked Lapwings in our area.

The single one, seems to be the most accessible, so guess you’ll see a few more pictures of it as it matures. I’ve named it Opal, from opalescence, a visual quality of milk.  Why milk?  Ah, you’ll have to read the back story. 🙂

Also included is a shot of three others in a large water-collection pan, that doubles as a community park.
And a couple from the supermarket pair, but they tend to stay just too far away for short lenses, and there is no-way I’m pondering wandering along with the long tele-hardware anytime soon.

A bright blush of colour, that has opened up all along the streets after the cold wet past few days. Isn’t nature amazing.

From The Global Headquarters of The Doona Hermit

Three of four that are in a large water overflow area. It is also used for a number of community activities including bike riding and football and off-leash doggies in an on-leash area.
(Sorry Magda no Nettie).
Parent of the group of four. I thought it was going to have a go at me, but it was getting ready for a run at a dog that was off-leash in an on-leash area.,
One of the two young next to the supermarket. They are pretty advanced and seem to be putting on weight.
One of the supermarket young.
Opal with a typical lapwing pose with one leg lifted and paused.
Opal on a wing stretch.
Still practicing for the sprints
Head shake
Fine hope of spring.