Werribee Wagtails: A Monthly Walk


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Werribee Wagtails existed as an active bird watching group in the western suburbs for 25 years or so. With the formation of BirdLife Australia, Wagtails merged to become BirdLife Werribee, and essentially continued to run business as usual.

Change is, as they say, inevitable, and many of the core of the group, found themselves at the Jawbone Reserve yesterday, co-incidentally, 😉 , looking for birds.

Surprise, Surprise!

So too, of course, were  members of the old group 😉
Perhaps it was a ‘re-birthing’ of Werribee Wagtails? Stranger things have happened.

So after the usual good natured greeting and discussion we all set off with the same intent, looking for birds.  And Jawbone didn’t disappoint.
Another surprise, or co-incidence, we all ended up at Newport Lakes for morning tea. And some of Cathy Buckby’s wonderful cake creation, thanks to Mark for just happening to be there with cake on supply. 😉

We walked the lake, finding the birds very quiet and furtive, so it was soon time for lunch. The merry chatter of (former?) Wagtails enjoying the day out resounded from under the picnic shelter.
Then on to the mouth of Kororoit Creek and Paisley Drain outflow among the fishermen’s huts. Should that be fisherperson’s ??
Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Mr An Onymous, EE and I went on to Altona to have a coffee in the sunshine and watch the activities on the beach.

We might meet up again 😉

Catch you Along the Track.


Great Crested Grebe
Hoary-headed Grebe
Little Black Cormorant
Great Egret drops in with looking for a space
Pied Stilt Juvenile
Hardhead, Male
Black Swan Cygnet
Several of the Common Greenshanks near the creek causeway

6 thoughts on “Werribee Wagtails: A Monthly Walk

  1. A lovely social birding outing David, it is always a buzz when we run into our birding friends on the track. You had a wonderful little gathering and saw some good birds also. I especially like your Hoary-headed Grebe shot:-)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ashley, that we had some good sunshine and weather probably also added that extra element of enjoyment.
      The old Wagtails has such a great feeling of being out together and the humour and support is pretty contagious.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Eleanor,
      Jawbone is quite the photographers paradise. Get close to the birds, good light from behind, often plenty of variety, and
      good action. There might be more exotic spots in the world, but for a couple of hours on a good day, I can easily, happily fill a memory card.


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