Saturday Evening Post #55 : A Zest for Life

Due to a turn of circumstances, and a change in the weather, with intense cold together with strong winds, meant I was housebound the other morning.

I kept walking to the window, and pressing my nose up against the pane, but to no effect as the weather just seemed to laugh at my difficulty.

Then, on what can only have been a serendipitous moment, a small brown bird arrived on the fence. Followed by a second, and then a third.
A closely followed by the local backyard Blackbird.  Looking as always dapper in his rich dress.

We’ve known for the past few days, that they had an active nest in one of the bushes in the garden next door, and we had seen occasionally the past few days a young one in flight.  But now it was obvious that the pair had hatched out a fine looking crop of three young ones.

And I should add “Hungry” ones.  They sat on the fence, the garden pots and bushes, calling, calling, calling.  Feed me. I’m here, feed me.

I opened the sliding door to patio and sat down inside on a small stool, with the D500 and the 300mm PF lens.  As there was little light available in our small garden area, I was running into trouble getting sufficient shutter speed, so took a decision, and after all, they only ‘common’ blackbirds, to run the ISO up beyond 3200 and see how good the D500 might be. I also wanted to try out the latest offing from Topaz Labs with their AI DeNoise, although for the present image I didn’t use it.

The small garden area must have been full of good tummy filling food as they stayed for at least an hour or so.  Which gave me a great time to learn of some of the habits of the little birds, and to experience their simple zest for life. Each mouthful was accepted and then the cry went up for more. I began to feel both sorry and develop a respect for the hardworking male.  The female must have been off having a rest, (or gone shopping?)

The small birds cheery chatter among themselves and their calls for more food was a warm feel on a cold day.
Each carrying a new life, each eager to get a great start and each filled with a desire to learn the way of being a blackbird.

Much of the time I just sat and watched, as they skipped back and forth from pot to fence, to the edge of the patio, and eventually running across in front of me.
Not often I can have that much fun looking out my own door. 🙂

No doubt this will not be the only crop the pair will have this year, and soon instead of being their protector and uber food deliverer, Blackie, will chase them out of his territory and they will begin a new chapter of their lives.  Not doubt they will take the same enthusiasm with them.


10 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post #55 : A Zest for Life

  1. Beautiful images David, as always. I read a quote the other day which was “I don’t go birdwatching – I AM birdwatching”. And it’s true, isn’t it. It is rewarding to watch any bird going about its business, whether in the garden, or up at the supermarket carpark, or in the local park. It doesn’t have to be in a remote or exotic location at all to give us the drama of their lives, and insights into how they live.

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  2. Most enjoyable post David, and what a blessing to have these birds come to you on a an unpleasant day to be outdoors. We rarely see Blackbirds right on the coast, we tend to see them just a little more inland. Lovely captures of the family and enjoyed reading.

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    1. Hello Ashley, they simply are serial garden pests around here. Every household has at least several pair working their gardens. There often a lot of tail flicking and chest bumping going on around our fence line.
      I like them, and and have been known to share part of an apple with them on occasions.

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  3. Great article – too many birders dismiss “ferals” and whilst it is true that they can cause issues for our native birds that is less likely to be true in our ever growing cities. But they are all still worth watching and recording.

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    1. Hello Mr President. (POTBL)
      I think as I get older, and less willing to put in the hard miles between sighitngs, I’m appreciating my own backyard, the WTP and Werribee River Park. Everyso often a gem pops up.


    1. G,day David.
      Looks like this coming week will be on the improve, and wouldn’t you know it, I’ve got medical appoints for the first three days. Nothing major (I hope 🙂 just the usual annuals. And a plumber coming to address why the water isn’t where it is designed to be. Joy of joys.

      Hope the frogmouths are going well.


      1. Hope all goes well! I had a plumber decrease my bank balance through last week. It happens when you live in an older house. The Tawnies are settling in – no sign of her having laid egg(s) yet.

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  4. Hah! Not so sure if its old houses or old bodies. 🙂 Still the concept of not doing anything is unthinkable, so I’l just do what I do when I buy a new lens. Amotise it off over the next 10 years and hope the pipes don’t shift again.
    Interesting that the Tawnies are only settling in. The river ones are well on the way, and the young should be up soon. I haven’t been by there for a couple of weeks. And the White-faced Herons seem to have their young on the wing already.


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