Saturday Evening Post #52 :

It started as a fuzzy idea.

We should go to the Treatment Plant on Friday afternoon, said EE.
Looking at the weather maps, well it seemed reasonable 5 days out.
So we planned.
And come Friday afternoon, not only was it a fuzzy idea, but in reality, the weather was fuzzy to say the least.

Still not be deterred a second plan arose.  “Let’s go out to the Highway Lounge for an afternoon coffee and if it’s still raining when we come out, well, take it as a sign, and we’ll come home.
If its not raining, take it as  a sign, and go on down to WTP”.

Can’t argue with that logic, and the coffee would at least be hot.

By the time we had indulged in one of Garry’s finest, the rain had indeed ceased, and lo, but truth be told the wind had dropped off and while overcast, it was at least pleasant.
Mind, I did check for bright lights in the sky and the sounds of heavenly voices when she said. “It’s a sign. Let’s go.”

But, and you knew that was coming right?


As we turned on to Point Wilson Road, strange little wet drops appeared almost by magic on the windscreen.  I was sure it was a sign.  However as we were already down in the plant, we kept going.

The T Section had quite a number of Whiskered Terns, (formerly Marsh Terns), hunting over the ponds, and had the weather been kinder, the photography would have been easier.

Bump up the ISO to 1600, and hope that I’d get enough shutter speed.  There is no stopping these highly energetic birds, and if you thought swallows and martins were a challenge, crank it up to a new level for terns. Especially grey birds on grey water. The auto focus, even the best of them, and the D500 ranks pretty highly, has a problem. And the rain only added that extra hint of difficulty.
So we persevered.

At one stage they started hunting over the grass areas on the bunds, and some contrast between bird and background.  Good fun.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post #52 :

  1. Well, done getting such great images in the conditions, David.
    As to the weather guessers, perhaps we should go back to the days of ‘sticking the head out of the window’. I have noticed a lot of late that the extended forecast is not a great indicator beyond two days!

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    1., it is certainly hard to plan out a week ahead at the moment, and even like today, starting out clear and bright but rapidly gaining overcast status.
      I think we persevered on friday as there was no wind, and a hot cuppa in the car made it tolerable 🙂


    1. Hello Ashley, we’re lucky a bit as the ponds aren’t all that wide, and the birds seem to favour the grassy edges so a lot of the time we are quite close to the birds, sometimes as they fly out and around the pond and back again they will pass by at arms length
      It’s hard to explain why we kept going in the gloom, as the showers only got stronger and longer as the afternoon wore on.

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    1. Thanks Eleanor, it is a strange way they work, as they are quite capable of catching the bugs in straight flight. And not all of them do it over the water, I wonder if they miss the bug and then have a second go, which means the head sort of lags behind the speeding body. It does make for great shots but.


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