Saturday Evening Post: #41 Problem Solving

Long term readers will remember, or might recall, that I have a warm and fuzzy feeling for “Choughness”, the life skills of your average White-winged Chough clan.
I put up a shot a week or so ago from a trip to Serendip Park, where the Choughs were trying to raid the feed bin for Brolgas and Magpie Geese.

Now it probably doesn’t take much to figure out that your average feeding spot for a brolga or goose is somewhat higher up than even the tallest chough.

The family I worked with two week ago had adopted the ‘jump higher its got to work’ approach as each family member tried-usually in vain-to get a grip inside the feeder and only had time to grab a small beakful before plummeting back to earth.

However time goes on. Problem solving skill seminars and practice sessions followed up with various counselling events, has given the Choughs a new approach to the problem

This is a different family and well on the way up the evolutionary ladder. Next step Chough on the moon?

This family had developed a very workable solution indeed.  One clever bird, (Called Lucky by its friends) would jump up, flap/drop onto the edge of the feeder, and somehow balance its centre of gravity over the feeder and thus successful land inside. Then with great scooping bills-full, drop seed out of the feeder to the waiting family members below.
The only draw back to this incredible bit of problem solving is the Brolga, Magpie Geese and Little Ravens, don’t take to kindly to their food supply being raided, and every few minutes Lucky was forced to abandon its position to avoid a sharp wrap from the Brolga.

Where there is a will there is Choughness.


7 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post: #41 Problem Solving

  1. A wonderful insight into the ‘smarts’ of the Chough. Now if only they can come up with a space suit they may well reach the moon!


  2. I nteresting observations David confirming again the intelligence of birds and community skills of the Choughs. Reminds me of the book “The Genius of Birds” which I found very interesting on this topic.

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  3. Hi David, sorry to take so long to comment was in hospital when I tried commenting and I ended up as your Anonymous comment from my phone, as for some reason it fails to log into WordPress properly. Enjoy your week!


  4. A good read accompanying my breakfast today. Makes me even more fond of the Choughs (not that I care much about their moon landing – I prefer them being here with us).
    Thanks David!

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  5. Hello Adam,
    I limit myself to one image for the SEP, but managed quite a few shots of them as they wrestled with the Brogla and a very aggressive Raven. They seem to be very passive and adopt a flee and flight approach rather than try to argue.
    No matter how many times I work with them, they always seem to have something new to reveal. Their community approach has always appealed to me.


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