Saturday Evening Post: #40 “I will sing, sing a new song”

Ha!  Just messing with your minds really.

As our younger girl grew up, the group U2 were a constant source of music enjoyment in the house.

And as I hit number 40 for the Saturday Evening Post, I thought I’d quote from one of U2’s music would be a bit special.

Lots of interesting anecdotes about the piece, but I’ve always liked Bono’s statement, “We wrote it in 10 minutes, played in in 10 minutes, recorded it in 10 minutes, mixed it in 10 minutes, but that has nothing do with with why its called 40. (How Long!)

Rainbow Lorikeets are among some of the brightest, and most active little clowns that frequent the trees where we live.  They can always be counted on to come up with a new wing flap, expression, act, or even song to entertain.

I have no idea what this one was upto, but its mate was on the branch next door, and for some reason, lots of big wing flaps were needed to emphasise the importance of some point of communication.  I managed to get it right on the end of the outward stroke.

“Many will See, Many will See and Hear” (40, How Long)


6 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post: #40 “I will sing, sing a new song”

    1. Thanks Eleanor, we are lucky to have them almost all the year, although they do not remain in the same area all the time. They have used the Werribee River area near the Mansion to nest the past couple of seasons, but I suspect that is a food issue as much as anything.


  1. Beautiful capture David. These birds have so many colourful aspects to them, and the wing lift certainly adds several more. That song from U2 is from one of my favorite Psalms also (Psalm 40), Bono had an amazing impact on many and his band from his faith aspect and grieved deeply over the death of their their caring road manager Dennis. Keep warm through this icy blast and have a great week!

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    1. Hello Ashley,
      Yes, the early U2 is quite and interesting and eclectic story. One of the books that did the circulation at our house told a lot of that early faith and their desire to maintain their values. The Psalm is indeed a beautiful piece of Hebrew poetry and a grand choice for such a legendary song.
      Stay warm, the cold here is becoming a bit demanding. 🙂

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