Saturday Evening Post: #32 “Let there be…”

Light.  (and as someone once said, You could see for Miles!!) 🙂

Had a day with BirdLife Werribee—formerly Werribee Wagtails—in the Gardens.  (Melbourne Royal Botanic no less).

At one of the entrance gates these rather formal lights, from a bygone era attrached our attention. So much so that the birdo in my was laid to oneside and the building and details photographist took over.

I was limited by a couple of things. Longish lens, so I had to move back, and lack of space to move back without getting some tree, bush or pole in the way.  I also really wanted the shapes to be established behind a shaded area to give the right contrast. In the end, I had to make the exposure through some branches that blew back and forth in the breeze. Never mind, managed in the end.

Did a little job with the Photoshop brush to enhance the brillance of those golden filagree, to balance the richness of the glowing globe.

As Freeman Patterson says of light, “It’s the resulting shapes, lines, textures and perspectives that you have to arrange in the picture space. Not the Light. Stay focused on the elements, once appropriately arranged, the resulting light will carry the story.”

3 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post: #32 “Let there be…”

  1. Fine work, David! A great result! Easy to caught without the appropriate lens, a with audio, you just have to work with what is on hand and if you ‘know your stuff’ the result will be good!

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  2. G,day, I had hummed and hahhed about taking the 70-200mm In the end the concept of travelling by public transport and then lugging gear, lunch and self about for the day lead to a minimalist packing decision. The Gardens lend themsleves to a treated approach, and the little zoom is a fine performer. I would have managed just a bit more of the base of the light and I’d have been happier.
    Cool thing was we were then when the light was right, as there is limited space through the trees for the direct sunlight. All good.


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