StudioWerkz: Darter On Show

As EE is becoming much more comfortable with Dolly, we decided on a morning around the Ornamental Lake at Werribee Mansion.  The tracks are wellformed and its possible to get close to the action without long walks.

The only part of our plan that was not controllable was the weather, and we ended up with mostly an overcast morning. Also there was little activity at the Lake, perhaps most of the food has diminished and the birds have moved away.

We were sitting on the grass near the lake enjoying a cuppa when an Australasian Darter launched itself out of the water, from between the reeds and waddled up onto the grass.  So close that I had to inch back along the grass to get it all in the frame.  I guess that I was at grass level, and not standing up, the bird felt comfortable enough to go about its preening and drying business.

So, rather than repeat my rant from the Saturday Evening Post on Dean Collins, here is the few moments as they played out.