Snapshots: The Eloise Collection

Been amassing quite a collection of shots of the Eastern Osprey as she has been working in the Werribee River area. Rather than break it up into various days or activities, I’ve become a bit self-indulgent and also saving myself some time by making a collection.


Is that a fish down there?
I should investigate
Looks like a good meal.
On second thoughts I’ll wait for a bigger one.
Keyed on
Reading to pounce
All systems locked on and ready for impact
One bream coming up
Taking a bit of effort to get free from the water
All good to go.
Hey, Look, fresh fish.

8 thoughts on “Snapshots: The Eloise Collection

    1. Thanks Eleanor, one day, I’m hoping to get it all happening with some direct sunlight on the water to give it that better shutter speed option, but still its been a most rewarding time.


  1. Can’t get too many of her, David. I love that massive circular wake she makes on impact. I keep meaning to say you should check out Mark Smith on Youtube – and particularly his Osprey videos. Will make any of us very envious; but they are incredible and very much worth a look. Have a great weekend. ps I went there this morning for another two hours and no sign of Elouise!

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    1. Hi Derek,
      Must have missed you by a couple of minutes, we were there at sunup, and stayed till just on 8:30am I had an appointment in town at 9:00.
      No sign of her, and in fact not much else either, although the pardalotes kept us amused.
      She seems to be less frequent, or we’re just out of timing at the moment.
      Yes, I’ve seen Mark Smith, I think he did a review of the 500PF(?), I am a bit jealous of those who have daily access to such amazing creatures.
      I really like that image of the huge circle in the still water, if she’d taken off toward me, it would be one of my Signature Images.


  2. A fine collection, David! Great to see the sequence of the catch like this. Like Derek above, I find it amazing the amount of water she displaces as she dives.
    Dave N

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    1. Hi David, thanks for the comments. I think on a still morning, the huge ripple just seems to hang in the water, If I could get a day when she is fishing midmorning with the light on the water, then I could get some decent shutter speed. Lose to much feather detail at high ISO.
      See Derek’s comment on Mark Smith, he is shooting in a really sunny, wide open location. perhaps I should buy a plane ticket.;-)


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