Snapshots: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Well not quite, but I went down early this morning as the light looked like being great, and promised to be back ‘soon’, but stayed a bit longer.
EE has done a fetlock, or pulled a ‘hammie”, and is a bit out of circulation at the moment, so I set off on me lonesome, hoping the sunshine might stay.

The Lady was in residence by the time I arrived, and was no doubt looking for breakfast.  She had several attempts but missed, then stretched out upriver and within a few minutes returned with a sizeable fish.

Bathed in early morning sunlight
I’m really getting a feel for her contrasted against the cliffs behind
The first swing and miss for the morning. Have to say I really thought she was on a winner here
A second attempt.
The tail kicks up and must give her some extra speed
Another miss.
Plenty of light to make the water sparkle
The fantastic head shake that flings off all the excess water
A mintue later and she was back with a fish
There was a young family in the carpark, and their baby cried. The long stare took it all in
And there goes the last of the tail. All done at that.

12 thoughts on “Snapshots: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

  1. Wow! Awesome shots, David! That’s a good sized Bream she caught. I love the first swing, the reflection is fabulous and the head shake shot! I must visit her again!


    1. Thought something was amiss when I wasn’t asked to ‘Confirm Follow’ Still it is nice to be a-nono-mouse sometimes!
      Cheers from Dave Nice!


      1. G,day,
        I don’t understand WordPress. I think the leftovers from Flickr have moved jobs. 🙂
        I’ll have to have another look at why and what is going on. Never mind.



  2. Sympathies to EE and I hope she’s back on deck soon. Meanwhile, fabulous series of hunting shots of Eloise. I love the one of her rising up out of the water, spray everywhere, and then the one with the headshake. All super really!


  3. Thank you Eleanor, Dorothy says thanks for the thoughts. It is an issue that we knew we’d have to deal with, so she is in good spirits. Just going to take a bit to regain confidence back out in the field.


    1. Pretty exciting AB, tis working again.
      Thanks for the comments. I am a bit fortunate that sometimes she works in close to my side of the river. Saves carrying around the huge rig.
      I’ve always loved the way light and shadow play together. Those early morns and late rich evenings always inspire me to look for the best in the moment.

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  4. G,day Derek,
    Sorry I missed you, was going down this morning, but at the last moment had a couple of other things to do.
    I think she is fishing up near the 14th Hole on the golfcourse, there is a large stretch of deeper water there.


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