Saturday Evening Post #006

Hope you like the new site. I like the design as it will work well on pads and phones. Each block will be in a single line down the page, and as there is a limited number of posts on the front page, it shouldn’t go on and on and on forever.
It also seems that unless I ante up some cash and take on a ‘paid’ site then anyone on my mailing list for blog updates will get emails which include ‘clickbait’ ads for stuff you don’t need.

Not my fault I cry, but it does mean that come the new year I’ll have to take a paid site to get rid of the problem.  And I see any such intrusions into people’s trust and relationships as INTRUSION.

Also get ready to see lots of photos of Willie Wagtails at nest.  After what has been a very slow start by the Wagtail community to the increase of their species, they seem to have thrown everything at it the past couple of weeks.  Even a stroll around our morning walk site has revealed 3 pairs hard at work, and we weren’t trying hard.  Add another 4 or 5 pair at The Office, and its certainly going to be a busy wagtail season anytime soon.

Look at the eyebrow in the header image. That is one annoyed Willie.

And on a positive note, a check on our local Tawny Frogmouth young this afternoon reveals they have flown.  Well done Tawnys.


This one is so busy that it took a snack to work while it was doing its share of nesting duties.  The eggs hadn’ t hatch this time last week.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post #006

  1. The site looks great, David! Seems like everywhere is charging to avoid ads now!
    Always lovely to see the Wagtails nesting. Sounds like I have dipped out on seeing your Tawny family this time.

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  2. G,day David. Should look pretty slick on your phone. I think much technology these days is better served on the small devices and the future always holds a new look. I’m really not sure what WordPress is up to. I pay them to host anyway, so its not going to be a huger investment, but I am concerned that data mining seems to be their option. Given the the original setup by Mark Mullenweg was to be ad free, its a bit of a step away. Still no such thing as a free lunch.

    The Tawny’s are no doubt still there, normally they’d roost quite near the nest, but I suspect its only a little forest area and they can have plenty of options without going far. We’ll keep checking for a couple of weeks or so, besides we’e a couple of pair of wagtails and hopefully a Sacred Kingfisher to go on with. More to follow I hope. 🙂


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