SNAPSHOTS: Landing Rights at Cormorant Jetty

You can tell, dear reader, when its a quiet birding day.  And that I’m down at the Point Cook Coastal Park.  When the tide is in, the cormorants, Little Pied and Pied mostly, congregate on an old abandoned pier that orginally served the first Chirnside Homestead in the area.
Now it’s a shadow of its former self, but regularly used by water birds as a safe haven for resting, preening and establishing relationships.

And when there are no other birds on show, well, I settle down on the sand, and watch the comings and goings. Always some new thing to see.


So here is a some of the action for the morning.


1805-09_DWJ_6860.jpgSweeping in from the sea, it’s looking for a safe landing spot


No one seems too fussed by the arrival


Until it looks like it wants the spare space between


BEGONE! and don’t return.  No love lost in landing rights.1805-09_DWJ_6877-2.jpg

It needs to head to water and gain enough speed to get airborne again. Apparantly with the wind direction it couldn’t just life off the pier.


Another bird, another approach


Nice clear spot. Just right


The spaces are filling up quicker than a carpark on ‘Sale Day’

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