Snapshots: New Visitors at The Office

Ahh, dear reader.  Bet you didn’t expect so soon an update 🙂

Chatting, as I usually do with my current mentor, and it was suggested, that the challenge of writing a full page blog with scintillating patter that is both cogent and helpful may only be causing the blog, well,  to blog down. Err bog down.

So welcome to a new addition to the world of blogging at Birds as Poetry.  Snapshots

Snapshots will be a quick collection of  shots from a given event or location.  Not a lot of pretty patter, but rather just the images to do the talking. After all that is what I really do best.

That leaves, Postcards to be a bit more in-depth on either an event, or more likely an  encounter with one or two birds.

Then Studiowerkz will carry on doing the in-depth photographic detail from a shoot. Kind of the ‘Day Book’ of photography of yore. Interestingly enough we concluded that a photo might get a boost in Snapshots,  the pop up in Postcards, and finally make an appearance in Studiowerks with info on the whole studio-like encounter.

Then there will be those times when verbal virtuosity takes hold of me and the muse connects with the spirit of the universe and the words literally write themselves and I can wax lyrical about happenings of all sorts of birding activity.  Expect to see Sea-eagle pics in that one.

Well we’ll see.

So here is Snapshots.
And an important one it is.
EE and I did a trip to “The Office” this afternoon. Had a particular Australasian Darter and a probable nest site as our goal.

But when we arrived in the carpark, the first thing we noted were Flame Robins!


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Postcards from the You Yangs

I’m getting tired of starting each post with,”Its been quite awhile since I uploaded a new page.” And even if I wasted half a page explaining the ins and outs of the delays, let’s face it, like apathy, no one cares. 🙂

The problem for me with a blog like this is if I don’t get the time on the day, then several go by, and a new project has emerged and the blog is left in the dust.

So, just as well I decided to send postcards!

EE and I took advantage of the early morning sunshine and headed to the You Yangs.  Couple of things stood out for us.  We’d been discussing the fact that neither of us had made any reasonable shots of Scarlet Robins for quite a long while.  Not just because we were spending time in the wrong areas, but well, the birds had been around either.

So you might well imagine, (if you will), our delight, surprise and excitement when we pulled into the carparking area and had to shoo a pair of Scarlets out of the way so we could park the vehicle.  Gotta think a day when the birds meet you in the carpark is going to be a good day.

1804-19-DWJ_2320 (1).jpg

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