Postcards from Mt Rothwell

We don’t need to know what it looks like (whatever it is), 
but what it might mean—what it might feel like. 
More than ever, we need images that speak to a deeper part of our humanity 
than the thirst for details. 
We need, and hunger for, context, insight, hope, 
and the kind of visual poetry that stirs our hearts, 
sparks our imaginations.
David DuChemin

Posted 28 Jan 2018

A few days before our sojourn up to the ‘old’ country, we were part of Werribee Wagtails quarterly bird count at Mt Rothwell.

In line with the weather all around, it was hot.  But we managed some good numbers in the first morning walk and at lunch time were sitting in the shade of the office area.  The ranger in charge  (Should that be hyphenated?) Ranger-in-charge.  There—setup a hose and sprinkler to give the little garden area a bit of relief.  This one action of course brought all the small bushbirds out for a bit of a cool off.

Much easier to show them enjoying the moment than to waffle on superfluously.

In the early walk we found quite a number of Rainbow Bee-eaters, three Wedge-tailed Eagles and a small family of Sittella, I’ve always called them Varied Sittella, but as was pointed out, the ones around here are all about the same and really aren’t varied.  Such is the logic of counting birds.

I’ve featured this lass before, but rather enjoyed her ‘peek-a-boo’ tactics.  She is not local, but has been bought in to be sheltered at Mt Rothwell.  The numbers of Emu scats over the park area we traversed reveals she is quite wide ranging across the area.

But the stars of the show were the Red-browed Finches, the Rufous Whistler, House Sparrows and of course the Superb Fairywrens that came to enjoy their moment under the sprinkler.

They know how to enjoy the moment.



Enjoy.  They did.


10 thoughts on “Postcards from Mt Rothwell

    1. G,day Richard, you are most welcome here, hope to catchup along the track sometime.
      Yep its the sprinkler in the garden at Mt Rothwell, trying to give the Kangaroo Apple a bit of relief.
      quote from text >Ranger-in-charge. There—setup a hose and sprinkler to give the little garden area a bit of relief. This one action of course brought all the small bushbirds out for a bit of a cool off<

      Today is another 40C scorcher. We were going to Eynesbury for the bi-monthly walk, but settled for a day at home around the cooler.

      Take care.


    1. Hi Eleanor,
      I also shot some video of some of them frolicking though the wet leaves in an effort to get as wet as possible. I think it was one of those moments that not only bought relief from the heat, but enjoyment as well


  1. G’day David. The water-drenched Fairy Wrens are sensational! I’m glad we’ve got some good real rain last night. Good for us and good for Nature.


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