Blogging 101 Day 5

The journey continues.

Today we have been challenged with looking at the theme for the blog and trying out several other themes from the 100s that WordPress has to offer.
Well, I’m passing on this too.
Long term, suffering Bloggettes will know that I’ve tried a number over the past few months and not one has given me the options that the old “redundant” ithemes site Id been using to display the picture stories.

So straight to the story.

House Renovation.  Cormorant style.

We visited Balyang Sanctuary in Geelong, and found that the Cormorants and a few Darters were still at work on nesting.

One particular pair of enterprising Little Black Cormorants had taken over an abandoned nest and were in the process of adding a new floor, kitchen, dining room and baby room.  Well not really, but they were adding branches to the already large nest.

I guess she stays at home and straightens things out, while he goes out to Bunnings and shops for new additions.  Well it all worked well for him, until he secured a large branch, which he ended up with in the water, still clutching.  Simple, flap the wings, run a bit and take off.


The weight of the leaves and branches in the water was more than his lifting ability.  Time to rethink the strategy.

Run faster, flap more often and get the branch caught in your wing, and sink back into the water. But. Don’t let go of the branch.

Well, that didn’t work, and don’t think your average Cormorant isn’t on to this.  Next plan.  Run faster, flap faster and deeper, jump into the air and bounce like a springboard along the water.  That should do it.


Time to rethink the strategy.

Swim in circles a few times, just so everyone thinks you are in control.  Also think that during that time there was a bit of adjustment to the grasping of the branch.   Letting go of the branch is no longer an option. If he has to stay there till midnight, that branch is not going to get out of his possession. No siree Bob.

New plan.  Face into the wind. Wait for the strongest wind, run faster, jump up a lot, flap twice as hard, bounce on the water, spring into the air, get those branches out of the water to reduce drag…

You could almost see the smile on his face as he furiously flapped and jumped and gradually rose into the air.  Once airborne it was all a piece of cake to fly into the nest and proudly display his latest acquisition.
What about wide-screen TV in the corner, he chortled.


#2 Time to readjust the branch and head into the wind
#3 One flap, two jumps, the branch is almost clear of the water
#4 Another Jump, another flap, speed coming up
#5 One more jump and flap just about should do it
#6 All clear of the water and on the way.
#7 Banking it the wind, well up to speed.
#8 Won’t she be pleased with this. Wings working to wash off speed.




3 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Day 5

  1. Hi David, have been enjoying your blogs, and particularly like this story – that branch sure looks like the equivalent to a 100 inch plasma in the lounge room – quite an amazing effort for the enterprising lad 🙂


    1. Hi, Glad you stopped by and left a comment. Good to know that you got a bit of a smile from this desperate lad. It must be a world record lift getting it out of the water.
      Been spending a bit more time here than on Flickr, so must get a balance next week.


  2. Amazing persistence and intrepid to say the least when it comes to nesting, I do love watching the cormorants. Thanks David for making the name alteration for my website link. I now have your URL listed in a link on my home and blog pages.


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