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DJ's Birds as Poetry

EE, Mr An Onymous and I have been taken trips down to the Western Treatment Plant looking for the Elusive White-bellied Sea-eagle.  A trip that would make Sir Percivale, of The Grail story, quiver in fear. And so far we’ve been about as successful.

Only made worse by me ‘mate’ Neil phoning and telling me, “Oh, saw the Sea-eagle again today, blah blah…..”

On this trip we were on the way back up along the Little River road heading home, when across the river I spied movement just about the fence line.
A Spotted Harrier quoth I.  Now of course, truth be told, I’ve not got a very good track record on identifying said Harriers.  Seem to either get them confused with Black or Whistling Kites or on other occasions with their close cousin the Swamp. Emails aplenty from those who do know can testify to my tardiness on this id…

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