I don’t do book reviews

Well it’s true, I don’t do book reviews.

And I know that ‘books’ are so so so ‘yesterday’ in the words of Paris Hilton.
But photographers I think have an inherint grasp of the concept of images on a page.

Managed to come across a book called ”

The New Art of Photographing Nature”

By an american named Art Wolfe (you can probably see the pun intended.)

Anyway, he has co-authored with a lady Martha Hill.  Now Martha has been a picture editor for a few prestigious magazines, and has seen the odd image or two that were worthy of publishing.

What I really like about the whole concept of the book is that Art’s photos get a going over by the editor and he gets to defend his intent.  And its really a lot more than that.  If you like looking at images and working out the reasons why they work or not, then I reckon this not a bad $25.00 spend. I got mine from Fishpond.com.au,  and it comes “Free postage” what ever that means.

As a bonus my old mate Tim Grey,  he of ” Tim Grey does Photoshop training better than any one else on the planet”, has a few sidebars and pages on things to think about when you’re at the keyboard and mouse in your favourite (that is an euphemism) post processing procedure,   and its a bit of an offhanded up date on digital technique. Never be the all in one photoshop book, but Tim is such a complete and competent master of the medium that even if he just exhales, its probably worth noting.

Think art, think useful think a jolly good read and ponder on a rainy day that keeps you out of the bush, and think hmmm, I just might learn some thing about photographs.  Oh.  Don’t expect a lecture on how to set ISO, DOF choose focus points or that sort of stuff. That is expected technique.

3 thoughts on “I don’t do book reviews

  1. David, you may not do book reviews, but as you have done one and managed to make me very curious, you have sold this book to me. Now I only have to be patient and wait for its delivery between now and mid May.
    Good to be back home and read your posts, stories and beautiful new photos on Flickr. 7100 looks like a nice piece of camera. Thanks for sharing your experience and documenting it in such a convincing way.


    1. G.day Adam, I think you will enjoy the book. When I looked it over, I thought of you and your lovely comments on images. It really is that sort of book, with plenty of things to think about in the way images work, both as art and communication.
      Welcome back, had missed your pics.


    2. G,day,
      Thanks for the feedback.
      I’m glad you liked it and got something from it immediately. Its a book I wished I’d owned a lot sooner. It really does help get an idea what works, why and some of the possible alternatives. Great stuff. I’ve not even gotten half way through reading, but just pick a bit here and there, and Oh, look, I’d like to make an image like that, pops up. So little time so many photos.

      The Flames are slowly building in numbers, we’ve seen about 15 so far. They seem unfortunately to be working in the backpaddock area, so takes a bit of time to find where the flock is. But they do look super. See my Flickr pages as well.

      Good luck with the book, you might also like the work of a Canadian guy called Freeman Patterson. ‘Photography for the joy of it” is now well out of print, but I see he has others more modern. Nice to have someone who can put some words to the thoughts we photographers struggle with.



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