I don’t do book reviews

Well it’s true, I don’t do book reviews.

And I know that ‘books’ are so so so ‘yesterday’ in the words of Paris Hilton.
But photographers I think have an inherint grasp of the concept of images on a page.

Managed to come across a book called ”

The New Art of Photographing Nature”

By an american named Art Wolfe (you can probably see the pun intended.)

Anyway, he has co-authored with a lady Martha Hill.  Now Martha has been a picture editor for a few prestigious magazines, and has seen the odd image or two that were worthy of publishing.

What I really like about the whole concept of the book is that Art’s photos get a going over by the editor and he gets to defend his intent.  And its really a lot more than that.  If you like looking at images and working out the reasons why they work or not, then I reckon this not a bad $25.00 spend. I got mine from Fishpond.com.au,  and it comes “Free postage” what ever that means.

As a bonus my old mate Tim Grey,  he of ” Tim Grey does Photoshop training better than any one else on the planet”, has a few sidebars and pages on things to think about when you’re at the keyboard and mouse in your favourite (that is an euphemism) post processing procedure,   and its a bit of an offhanded up date on digital technique. Never be the all in one photoshop book, but Tim is such a complete and competent master of the medium that even if he just exhales, its probably worth noting.

Think art, think useful think a jolly good read and ponder on a rainy day that keeps you out of the bush, and think hmmm, I just might learn some thing about photographs.  Oh.  Don’t expect a lecture on how to set ISO, DOF choose focus points or that sort of stuff. That is expected technique.