Very quiet days in the bush

Been awhile since I’ve posted a missive here, mostly because its been a bit quiet around my local area, and because I’ve been busy on a couple of other projects. So though I’d put a a week or so of images and talk about the state of play.
I’ve been working on a project to do a rambling review of the use of my 300mm f/4 lens for bird photography. Everybody it seems has preferences, or more importantly challenges to enjoy the birds and to keep the budget afloat at the same time.
One of the lenses I really like is the 300 f/4 Nikon or Canon it pretty much of a muchness. So I should have a couple of pages here on the site of a ‘field review’ of the lens. More to come
We were out about a week back and found several Rufous Fantails. These most beautiful birds are such stunning colours, I only found them during the rain, but would have loved to have taken some pictures in the sunshine. They are not locals, but are travelling through on their way north as in to Queensland. We’ve tried again, but to no avail. Just have to luck out.Also managed three Eastern Shrike TIts as they hunted among the leaves. Put an image of Flickr of one with a grub extraction.

Went out as the weather man predicted ‘clearing showers’, which interpreted meant. Incessant downpour, so much so that I packed it in and went for coffee. But managed a family of Rufous Whistlers happily hunting in the rain.

Found after much searching the Eastern yellow robins, but again the rain was my downfall. Better than the heat I say.

And in our new location, I found a lone red-capped robin. A young bird probably in search of a territory or somewhere to settle down. The main flocks will be on us in about 3-4 weeks, so it might end up as travelling with them.
Haven’t been down by the bandicoot hilton of late. Tired of peering though the wire. I’m hoping that the Flame Robin flocks will be a little more out in the open areas this year, and we still are looking at the Craigieburn Grasslands as our major area for the season.

Find of the week, a Rufous Fantail. Lovely colours and I wish it had been sunny.


Eastern Shrike Tit at work


Its wet! What are you doing here. Female Rufous Whistler checking me out.


A very wet Eastern Yellow Robin waits while a very wet photographer takes her picture


Eastern Yellow Robin hunting in a small break of sunshine.


Juvenile Red-capped Robin


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