Down to Westgate Park

I’ve been working on a field report for the 300 f/4 lens, and I wanted a few shots of what it would be like to just walk around with the lens. We had to go across town, and on the way back, stopped at Westgate Park so I could well, walk around.
Westgate Park is somewhat of a gem hidden away. It is on the Yarra River, and right under the Westgate Bridge on the city side. Its history includes being the local rubbish dump for many years. A group of volunteers took in on board many years ago and have worked as is said, ‘relentlessly’ to bring it up to what now can only be described as ‘pristine’ condition. It is the home of many water birds, a great variety of perching birds and a stop over point for many migrating birds or birds on the move.So we walked about. The sunshine was lovely, the weather was superb and it seemed as we watched the birds, (and the cars, trucks and bikes heading along the bridge,) a lovely way to spend an afternoon.
Nothing special, just one Shoveler. But the lens seemed to do its best to take nice pics, so that part of the test worked.
Male Chestnut Teal
New Holland Honeyeater
Intermediate Egret.
“And stay out”, territorial differences allowed me to play with the action speeds on the lens test.

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