A day around the outside of the Bandicoot Big Brother House.

Mr An Onymous and I had worked out a few days back to take a walk around the Backpaddock area and have a look for not only redcap nests, but to see if we could find some of the juvenile birds that have gone off to fend for themselves.  But, as they say in the song, we we got to the scene of the crime.unquote, the Backpaddock was locked. A big chain across the gate, and a note saying, “Closed for thanksgiving, unquote. (oh, sorry more words from the song. (Alice’s Restaurant for all the young ‘un who have never heard of Arlo Guthrie) ) Closed indeed young Skywalker, as “park renovations’ were in progress, and no telling how long said renos were likely to take place.

So we gazed, forlornly through the wire, and wondered what new renovations were being carried out in the Bandicoot Big Brother House.

So we needed as they  say, (have you often wondered as I, exactly who “They” are. Well I guess not ‘us’.) We decided to walk down the fence line on the outside and checkup on the arch enemies of all fencing. – Echidnas. These little dudes, know nothing of bandicoots, wire fences, this side, that side, inside or outside. Look there is an ant nest. Wire in the way. Just dig under. And dig they do. Just ask Travis of the Echidna patrol.(also Bandicoot Hilton concierge in his other life). It didn’t take us long to find the latest attempts at reaching the ants on the outside, or the inside, one is never sure with Echidnas.  Travis has laid down a lot of concrete to slow them down, and the emphasis in that sentence is ‘slow’.

Echidna’s definition of slow. Two more scoops of earth should do it.

As we walked down hill in the sunshine, it of course occurred to us that we’d have to walk back up hill in the heat.  Then we saw through the wire, a young redcapped robin hard at work feeding and just far enough behind the wire to guarantee average pics. But we took’em anyway.

The dam at the bottom of the range, was a bit busy, but nothing spectacular, so we wandered back up the track with some helpful Wagtails to amuse us and give us something to point the hardware at.

So with park renos in full swing, and the nesting season rapidly drawing to a close no idea is known of how many young robins came into the world this summer.  My guess is a pretty low count.

On the upside, its about 6 weeks or so till the first of the winter over birds arrive. But again the park renos will slow down our ability to get a handle on the numbers of birds and to get some shots.

In the meantime we’ve other plans for other places. The likelihood of access over a reasonable period in Bandicoot Big Brother House is not a high score on our card.   No point in pressing our collective noses’ up against the wire.

Here’s the day in a quick format.

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