A turn of the season and the Sacred Kingfishers are back for the summer

A walk about down past the carpark at Woodlands at the moment will mostly bring disappointment for the numbers of birds has indeed diminished.  Much nesting going on, so even the Thornbills are quiet.

After a session with Lochie and Will o’Scarlet, in which Will is definitely the bird with the upper hand.  Poor old Lockie with wings flapping raced across the open area near the power-lines, but was mowed down by the speed of the Scarlet Robin. Still he is not taking it laying down. He managed to feed Primrose a few tasty morsels in between bouts of defence against the Scarlet.  So I suspect that she is well into nesting, only seeing glimpses of her among the prickly wattle.

I moved on down to the dam, and an Australian Reed-Warbler has taken up residence. First one, I’ve ever heard there. Being able to see them is either and art or beginners luck.  Did however manage to get a glimpse as it powered from one set of reeds to another. A blue/cyan flash distracted me, and I thought, “Sacred Kingfisher” , it about time they put in an appearance, but scanning across the trees, only revealed a number of Tree Martins, and I put it down to being one of them.

Then a splash, and another flash by and it was definitely a Sacred Kingfisher. That’s considered good luck by the original peoples, so, I took it as a good sign too. It ate something so fast I didn’t get a shot, then it took several splash baths and did some drying off and preening.  The light, and the small twigs and leaves aren’t much help, but at least I got a few records of this lovely bird as it went about its business.

There was a lot of tail flicking, which I interpret as a visual sign to the other mate, but I wasn’t good enough to see it today.
They nested up in the Sugar Gums last year, so no doubt will make the dam a good fishing spot again.

Sacred Kingfishers return to Woodlands for the summer season
After a little snack, time for a bath and a dry off in the sunshine

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