Someone new in the neighbourhood

Last week we came across a female Red-capped Robin in area where we’d not seen any previously.  I wondered if it was just co-incidence, but took time yesterday to have a good scout round. So armed with camera gear and a nice pot of tea, I settled into one of the likely areas and waited.  Not too long as it turned out.  Didn’t even get to drink the tea, and a familiar “Deritt, derritt drree deritt” came from a small stand of new growth Greybox saplings.
So I wandered over, and sure enough after a few minutes little miss popped out to feed and call.

She doesn’t have a very distinctive red cap, and I am half inclined to conclude that she is a first year bird. I spent over an hour with her, and didn’t see a mate, not necessarily unusual, but she is certainly calling and he wasn’t responding.

She was quite un-preturbed by me, and hunted around my legs on a couple of occasions. So close that the focus wouldn’t lock.  When this happens I just stop breathing, push the camera to one side and enjoy the company.  Tiny little chest feathers that move in an out with her breathing is a delight to behold.

I wonder if she might be from one of the clutches from the birds in the area from last year or has she made her way from somewhere else. There is also the possibility , of course, it is the young female red-cap that came in with the Scarlet male early in the year. But I’ve no way of being sure one way or the other.  One of the mysteries I shall never know.

I’ve named her Fiona, and she seemed to like that. So it’ll stick.

More on this young lasses progress to follow.

Single Female Red-capped Robin. Very energetic and calling as she goes. No sign of a male companion as yet.
Up close and personal. She ducked in an out of a large blackwood wattle in flower so the light was a bit ordinary.
Hello Fiona.
At this distance it feels like she is just in front of the lens. She was.

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