Season ending with a Fanfare

Today, managed some time in the bush with sunshine.

Found a number of Flame Robins who were very hungry, and who were constantly on the move.  As fast as I could locate them they moved on.  No predictability, just pure old luck.

Found a few that seemed to be moving across a moss bed, so settled in and waited, and sure enough some others came by in about twenty minutes. Which was good ’cause me poor old bones were starting to get a bit cramped up from sitting and kneeling for so long.  They were polite creatures and sat in the sun among the thin clumps of spindly blackwood.

Also Lockie came for a bit of a look and he was most helpful in posing.

Most shots are with the 500mm and T2.0  which I do have to say I seem to have worked out some of its wrinkles, and am getting a fair number of sharp focused shots. So even though it adds to the complexities, it also can be useful when I cannot get any closer to the birds.

Several female Flame Robins dropped round too, so it was nice to add a couple of decent images to my scant collection.

But it all comes at a price.  Each bird is now extremely vocal with the ‘Come to the sea with me, if you will” call.  A sure sign they are rounding up to move on. So the bush rings with their calls, but it is a bit sad for the season to end.  I think the only thing holding them is a strong North wind, which would be a head wind for them going home, and they will wait for a wind change I suspect.

Male Flame Robin sitting in the sunshine waiting for the next meal.
Female Flame Robin at work across a little moss bed. She spent quite a few minutes only metres from my camera position.
Lockie at work. Checking out all the ‘invaders’ moving through his territory. He seemed to be able to hunt off or make them move along with both verbal threats and fly-passes.

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