WTP evening

Getting a bit cold for an evening drive, so we thought we’d start early. Like after lunch!

It’s a long way to WTP, if the weather is only so so, and if its not being very helpful, the best idea we reckon is to stay home. But throwing out best advice out the window, we went anyway.  Hadn’t been for a couple of weeks, and wanted to see who things were going.

Along the Spit area, a Horsfield Cuckoo sat on a post and piped for us, it was answered by at least two other birds, and we have just recently spotted about six or seven sitting on the fence rails. This one co-operated and sat in the very weak sunshine, which was good as it meant no harsh shadow detail loss.

Further along were several Red-capped Plovers and a number of Red-necked Stints in the shallows at the Murtcain Outlflow.

Down along the Beach Drive near Lake Borrie we came across an ambitious White-bellied Seaeagle taking home a duck dinner.  It was pursued by a pack of very angry Silver Gulls, and perhaps it wasn’t duck on the menu afterall?

As we were leaving with the sun well and truly set behind the You Yangs, right on the Paradise Road exit gate, Dorothy spotted a Flame Robin taking its evening bath and then a few minutes to dry out all the feathers. Made a great end to a day.

Horsfeld’s Cuckoo in call mode
White-bellied Sea Eagle escaping with someone’s relative
Male Flame Robin taking an evening bath
Male Flame Robin after a bath