Go you little Black and White territorial policeman.

We’re in the WTP.  So is a resting Black-shouldered Kite. It however has made the tactical error of landing in a Willie Wagtails favourite tree.  Or perhaps it was just on patrol, and it’s “Time to move along”

Either way, the immovable object verses the unstoppable energy is on display.

The wagtail made numerous passes at the Kite, its only reaction was to once raise its wings, but I suspect that was just a balance thing more than anything else.

In the end the kite gave ground, and the wagtail, chattering as it went, moved on to the next tree to see if the Magpie was also moveable.  Such is the life of a little black and white location police person.

This was shot from the car with a 500m mounted on “David’s Folly”, a beautiful engineered window car mount that I purchased from Outdoorphotogear.com.

It is made in Germany and really is the best thing. Probably stronger than the car door.  The folly like all follies is that it will do the impossible. But when it comes to holding the camera, keeping it ready, securely attached to the car, and rock steady in mounting, it really is a great piece of kit.  Just people keep stopping to ask, “Looks like you’re ready for anything'”, or “What is that”.  My answer, David’s Folly.

Think I will put up a page to show it in action, then it will be simpler to explain.

Its all about position position position.
Just being the larger bird in a dispute does not necessarily give you landing rights.