Hello Mr Mighty, or I think I might take up photography, seems easy enough

Hello Mr Mighty.  This bird is usually patrolling the territory around the gate at Backpaddock.  He gained a bit of notoriety last year when he appeared on cover of the penultimate edition of Bird Observer in August ’11.

I have not seen him for a few months and was beginning to think he had moved on. Neil A, had sent me a pic a few days back and I was pretty certain it was the same bird.

Armed with that bit of advice, I headed out, and sure enough within a few minutes of searching about, he had come by for a visit. He will tic tic back to my poor examples of toc, toc, tongue click, and of all the birds out there is perhaps the most relaxed.  The give-away 3 white moustache feathers is his particular dress.

So, he hunted about, flew off, came back, it was all very therapeutic.

His lady has the most beautiful ginger/copper cap, and I’m hoping she is going to turn up as well.

Three hours in the bush, one photograph.  Who said photography of birds was tough. (Oh, did I mention the 3 months of fruitless searching?  Not to mention the endless cups of tea?)


Mr Mighty with a wing flick on a stump. It is a hunting technique. But he is really just showing off for you and me.