Werribee in the evening

The forecast looked good. There should be open sky through to sundown.  I like the evening light on the Treatment Plant as it’s interesting direcitonal light across the ponds.  On a good night with plenty of birds it gives that lovely crispness that we struggle for.

Along The Spit area, the terns were resting on the outgoing tidal flats and in some places, it is possible to get reasonably close.


There is always a Black-shouldered Kite or two to be found and this evening was no exception.  This is one of those images, that has only been cropped.  No clever manipulation, as shot. Love the deep red glowing eye.


As the sun dropped toward the horizon, it left a soft haze that draped itself over the You Yangs and made a lovely light grey and then an orange curtain against which the birds, although backlit, became intriguing silhouettes.


All in all a magic evening.

4 thoughts on “Werribee in the evening

    1. G,day Andrew,

      These kites are among the special birds in our stable of must see’s.
      Sometimes they are happy to sit and let the car go by, other times they take to the air.
      This is one of two birds in the tree. I wanted to move the car up just a few metres to clear away some of the branch obstructions, but as soon as I shifted the car, the second bird was in the air, and a few seconds later this one joined it.

      All I’ve done is drop the exposure by about 1/2 stop to give the feather detail and of course the deeper blue sky becomes a bonus.


    1. G,day,

      The deep redeye is spectacular I must admit. The young birds when just fledged, have a lovely apricot brown colour which makes them even more dramatic. There are a couple of images over in the Black-shouldered Kite album.


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