Will Scarlet and his companion

Just on a week since we both have been in the park.  The rain has made the ground lovely and soft, and there is a real feeling of freshness about the bush. The rain is really welcome.

We met Andrew, a blog follower and photographer out and about looking for redcaps. As it turned out we didn’t initially have much success, so Dorothy and I moved into the Back Paddock area.

We we soon greeted by the Scarlet Robin, not so vocal or active today, spent most of the morning close to the red-cap consort and feeding down low.  Which should have made photography a bit easier, but the weather was closing in and there was not much sunlight. When the sun was good there were no birds, and when the birds were about it was overcast.  Still we had plenty to see as both he and his companion twittered, tic’ed and flew about.  I have never heard her give the d’reet, d’reet identity call, but he does respond to her tic’s.

She lovely creature has finally abandoned her juvenile dress and taken on a very light orange, apricot wash of feathers and a neat little copper cap.  She wouldn’t fly with him, but he would fly when she did.  It was a bit amusing to watch. He is full of energy and covers great distances, she leisurely moves from tree to tree.

Also found a Tawny Frogmouth in the usual place near the car park.  Here is a link to its page.  Or from the menu at the top of the blog.

Scarlet Robin male. He spent the morning hunting around just one small area. His wonderful black coat is beautiful and his white splash and grand red chest make him a rather handsome bird. His cheery chirrup chirrrrrup is noticeable around the scrub.



The female consort for the Scarlet Robin. They hunted together for most of the morning and played the chasing game around various trees. She tic's at him, and he responds, and will fly when she flies. She is now all beautifully attired in her new orange/apricot wash, and a small copper cap. A much more elegant looking bird than from a few weeks back, (See earlier posts)






2 thoughts on “Will Scarlet and his companion

  1. David, great to meet you today too, I know I can learn a lot about “birding” and Woodlands in particular from you. Thanks for the link on your blog, I’ll reciprocate next time I do an update. On the Tawny Frogmouth (another bird I haven’t been lucky enough – or maybe skillfull enough – to spot) you say near the Paradise Road carpark. Which one is that – I haven’t heard of any of the carparks being referred to as Paradise Road?

    I didn’t stick around long after I saw you, my visit this morning was just a quick one as I was on the way home from the city (where I’d been taking some photos too). We did return briefly tonight after dinner, but left it too late and the light was fading, but again there wasn’t much activity except for heaps of ravens.


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