Monday Morning Musing: Celeberate What’s Right with The World

Yeah, I know, does look a bit on the gloomy at the moment.

I’m a realist more than an optimist or a pessimist. I reckon that if there water in the glass, who cares if its half filled or half empty!!! 🙂

Also I don’t want to add to the morbid fascination that our ‘news’ people have now set as a new benchmark.

I follow online Dewitt Jones and his Celebarate what’s right with the world.

The current image wasn’t on display on the site when I looked a few minutes ago ( I get an email version)

And I can’t paste the image (copyright, intellectual properties and all),

But I’ve taken the liberty to post the text. (It was a shot of a dandelion seed head against the sun. Imagine if you will, sparkling crispness with strong dark shapes and lines)

Not with fear, but with Love

This tiny orb, backlit by the sun, shining with truly unexpected beauty
and shining with incredible potential for growth and possibility as well.
I send it to you today at a time
where many in the world are filled with dread.
I send it to remind us that there is far more
to celebrate on this planet than there is to fear.
To remind us that by celebrating what’s right with the world;
we will find the energy, the love, and the compassion
to deal with what’s wrong.
We will get through this, my friends.
Not with fear, but with love.
It’s our choice, each and every day.
Dewitt first name

Text, photo and idea Dewitt Jones,

As a French publisher I’ve worked with sent to me this morning,

Until then, let’s be united in this ordeal, and be well.