Along The Track: Mudlark Magic #2

I had thought that by now the little Magpie-larks would have been on the wing.

But, No.

I’ve ventured out each morning the past few days, and as only Melbourne can do, it has been freezing cold, windy, and on one morning, a thin sleet running on the wind.

Feel a bit self-indulgent about putting up another set of these little birds on nest and feeding.
However, as is so typical, I’ve grown rather fond of the fluffly little hyperactive feather balls. They seem to be fed about every 10-15 minutes and it’s not unsual for first one, and then the other parent to arrive to keep them filled up.

Today, as the nest is now, well, well overcrowded, one of them ventured out on to the branch. Mum came by and in scolding Muddie calles shoo’d it back into the nest. In the nest they are very accommodating of the other’s needs for a wing-stretch or a preen, and it’s not unual for one to bob down into the nest so the other one has room to flex the tiny wings. Hard to describe but heartwarming to watch.
Here is a couple of days of activity.

I’ve tried it as a gallery, so click on an image for a larger view and slide show.


14 thoughts on “Along The Track: Mudlark Magic #2

      1. Wellington’s weather has also been very fickle – and very, very wet…! And now the whole of the North Island is under Cyclone Warning as “Gabriel” begins to track down the East Coast… Hopefully, it will change course overnight!
        Keep that camera handy – and hopefully your weather will improve as Autumn approaches!
        Have a pleasant evening…!

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    1. Hello Eleanor, yes, we’ve been out and a bout on family duties the past few days, should be back and settled soon.
      The last time I checked the nest was empty, (not surprised), but try as I might, could not locate a Muddie large or small anywhere. They must have moved them well away.

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