Saturday Evening Post #200: Th’th’the’that’s all folks!

Number 200!

And when the fanfare, the party favours, the streamers, and the cheering all die down, its time to face reality.

Number 200 will be the last regular Saturday Evening Post. I’ve decided to call it quits, like many who stop while there is still a glow to the process.

When I first started Saturday Evening Post about four years back, my  intent was to publish a photo from the week and explain where, and why i was highlighing it.

Then came covid and in particular the lockdowns. Melbourne ended up enduring the longest lockdown of any city in the world. (As the Ombudsman said in a report on why Victorians were not allowed to return home, “It was hard not to agree with the complainant that such requests were ‘beyond unreasonable… very intrusive and unkind, it’s inhuman actually’. …. But the effect of a complex and constrained bureaucracy meant some outcomes were downright unjust, even inhumane.”   See here )

So  I turned to the blog as an outlet to the frustration of not being able to travel about.  And so the style of the blog changed and we began to cover photographic topics, the work of great photographers and my own recollections of a young lad in a country town with a passion for making images.

But, as insightful readers will have noted, its been harder and harder keep up the flow of that sort of material, and I also began to add a few ”stream of conciousness’ posts along the way.  Easy to follow if you were aware of where I was coming from, or even going to, but as a reader explained to me, “It’s to complex and I just click the photo and move on.”  That should, I suppose, have been a warning.  So it seems that its perhaps better to step of the treadmill of grinding out a page simply to fit a deadline.

But by then the magic of #200 was looming on the horizon and here it is.

So what to expect.   Well the normal sections of the blog will continue on their own ad-hoc basis as they are posting now.  I am hoping to be able to photograph birds in such a way as to bring an insight into their lives, in a single story.  Little Visits and Pages from the Field Note Book, should be regular in an irregular sort of way, and perhaps even an occassional Saturday Evening Post, (perhaps).

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey. I have. Thanks to everyone who has commented, added additional information or insights and generally made the blog a bit larger than just my ramblings. I have truly appreciated all the various interactions.

Thanks again, and as Crobie Morrison used to say, “I hope to catch you Along the Track, somewhere soon.”


We were out the other day around the Altona area and had arrived at the Maddox Street Boatsheds area where the Paisley Drain and  the Kororoit Creek empty into the Bay.
The Environmental Team of Hobson’s Bay Council have carried out significant works in the area developing it for walking and bird watching.  My good friend, Andrew Webster is part of that team and they have made up special signs to help id birds in the area.  One of those signs has been erected at the Boatshed area and as I walked through the bush toward it I was pretty thrilled to see a painting repro of a Nankeen Kestrel. Instantly I knew the source of the picture.
It was one from a series of Kestrels that I made out at Woodlands Homestead several years ago.  Hard not to recognise the wing angle and pose of the bird as I see the photo every day as it’s a wall print next to the computer.   Pretty chuffed (not Choughed) to see it and it was good to recall the memory of the time with those birds and also that it can go on to help other who are beginning bird observers.

Here is a link to the shot on Flickr.

Nankeen Kestrel, avoiding road traffic

And here is the shot on the sign as comparison.

Travel Well
Stay Safe

22 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post #200: Th’th’the’that’s all folks!

  1. Congratulations on your 200, David! As much as I enjoyed reading your regular posts in my very irregular way, I am sorry to acknowledge your weariness. Still, when something becomes a chore, it’s just not fun anymore. It’s good your thoughts, stories and photos stay here so I can always return to my favourites to read and watch and ponder again. And I’m looking forward to any new stuff you’ll publish – I’m sure you will.
    I remember how impressed I was by your Kestrels and it’s great that one of them is now in the public space to educate and to be admired by many.
    Thanks for The 200 and please keep on wandering.

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    1. Thanks Adam, I have really enjoyed your insightful comments on some of the posts. I’ve tried to be challenging with being controversial.
      I also am aware of not be repititous and think that I’ll be able to make better use of my time and the blog space with more illustrated stories of the birds we meet

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  2. Thanks David. I’ll miss the regular weekly post – and I’ll look forward to the other irregular ones too.. I’m not much of a commenter, but I don;t think I’ve missed reading any along the journey.



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  3. Sad that you have closed this chapter in your blog David, we all have enjoyed and appreciated your photographic mastery and wisdom shared each week from this additional post. Your work is always an inspiration and a point of praise to my God for me in appreciation for the amazing wonder of it all and how you capture so beautifully the bird and its moment. The Kestrel is a beautiful capture and certainly deserves posting on a wall, and being painted as an ID for public information. I love seeing my photos painted or used by children to trace and colour from my books. Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm my friend. We are currently discussing a road trip to Vic in November, we will see where it goes.

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    1. Hello Ashley, It is always a challenge to be a bit succinct and at the same time raise the awarenss of how photography has played such a big part in my life.
      Hopefully I’ll be able to make some PJ style posts of the birds we work with

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  4. Your posts have become a much-loved part of my week, always looked forward to. Thanks for sharing your amazing photos and insights. Good luck with all that you do.

    Sent from my iPad


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  5. Your regular Saturday posts will be missed, David. But I totally understand. Yes, the lock downs etc have changed everything, and not for the better.
    I have enjoyed a weekend read of your thought provoking posts and look forward to any that you post, in any form, in the future! I admire your way with words, you tell the story wonderfully!
    Hope to see you and EE on the track soon. Some better weather would be good, as would some motivation on my behalf!

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    1. Thanks for the kind thoughts David, and also for your very helpful comments over the past few years. It’s always been great to have some feedback.
      Times change, needs change and commitments also change. Will still have a few images to share I hope


  6. Hi David, Your writing skills are as entertaining as your photographic skills. I have enjoyed the journey. Thank you for your efforts. I was thinking of you on the weekend. We went to Pink Lakes NP, and I saw choughs everywhere we travelled. Nina

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    1. Hello Nina, the blog has servered a number of purposes and keeping in touch even if obliquely has been one of the pleasures of writing
      Times are a changin’ so I need to adapt as well.


  7. A wonderful image of the Kestrel and richly deserving of being displayed to the public. I always enjoy your Saturday Evening Posts but I can well understand that after 200 of them, it has become a chore. Such things can take over our lives if we aren’t careful!

    Thanks for sharing your images and your thoughts so generously. Whether here or on Flickr, I appreciate them very much.

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    1. Hello Eleanor,
      Next time to group is at Newport and Jawbone, you’ll be able to recognise the Kestrel. 🙂
      Always more to do than there is time available. The blog every week gave me a good outlet for a bit of free thought.
      Hopefully I’ve stopped while ahead. 🙂

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  8. Hello David. It’s been a while since I’ve had a look over your way. I’ve actually come by for some inspiration in shaping my own blog. I’m trying to do something with WordPress for a bit of interest after Covid-19 made our Tourism startup a steep uphill climb as we started in Jan 2020.

    We were based in Docklands which was almost an epicentre of Melbourne’s lockdowns. So we did as many others have and escaped – Bendigo for us. Please let me know if you’re ever heading up this way and we’ll have a chat and a birding walk.

    All the best to you and Dorothy – hope that you’re well in these crazy days.

    PS: my photos will never match yours

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    1. Hello Graham, thanks for the update. Hope Bendigo is and enjoyable and a little more relaxed lifestyle.
      I do have fond memories of the times we were out and about together, and especially a day at Point Cook. Still think of that most times we are out there.

      Thanks for the offer, I’ll keep it in mind. Would love to get back out into the Whipstick.

      Best wishes on your new journey


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