From Field notes Book: Dad’s Rules

After what has been a bit of a difficult start with heatwave days and torrential rain the local Black-shouldered Kites have fledged three new chicks.

Like everything for this little family nothing goes easily and the young have fledged in the middle of a week of high winds. Yet they seem to have taken to the job with a wonderful zest.

But the high winds quickly throws them off course and Dad has had to go an hunt them back into his territory.

Here are some photos from his attempt to bring one of his wayward young back into the home area. Not easy when little wings are struggling in high breezes.

7 thoughts on “From Field notes Book: Dad’s Rules

  1. Fascinating story in splendid photos, David. It made me realise that young birds can be pushed far away from their parents by strong winds, which can prove fatal to them if not found quickly enough and guided back home. All dads could learn from the firm action by this flying Dad. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. G’day Adam, they certainly struggled in the high winds, but I wonder if it hasn’t given them a bit of a head start of the flying business.
      I’ve seen the male (he gets to do all the work after they are fledged), do this sort of thing more than once. And on one occasion the young one had decided to take on a Black Kite. A bit hard for Dad to calm down the situation, but once he had the young one safe in the trees he made an attempt to keep the bigger Kite moving. Not easy as they are so inquisitive and hopeful for a quick meal.


  2. A fabulous series of images, David. Dad does a great job with the young!
    Yes, they have done really well in the high winds, even if that has meant straying to far at times!

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    1. At least they haven’t gone far and wide yet, so we might have a chance for another session.
      Interesting to watch how he could outfly them on any side. Not that its surprising but shows how much they have yet to learn.


  3. Somehow this was languishing in my Inbox for a few days. A wonderful series of images as Dad gets the stray back into the home territory. They are such attentive parents, it’s no wonder they are so successful. Thanks for sharing the experience with us.

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  4. Hi Eleanor, I’ve a lot of things languishing at the moment as my main iMac did a fetlock the other night and is off to hospital. I fear the worst that it will have to be put down!
    Never mind, chance to look at some near gear I guess.
    Stuggling along meanwhile on a steam driven macbook air, and some help from EE.
    I guess the kites couldn’t predict the best weather for their young to get into the air, but I do have to say watching them since they are very powerful flyers. Perhaps it has been an advantage.

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