Interludes: Grebe Fishing

We had, on the opportunity of lunch with friends, taken a trip to the Jawbone Coastal Park.
There are two pairs of Great Crested Grebe in residence and they have just completed a nesting cycle so the chance to see them with the young was too good to pass up.

However the Grebes had other ideas and they had the young on the far side of a pond, and just that little too far, without some serious bushcraft, swimming or canoeing.

However one of the pair, I assume the male made a foray to “our” side of the pond and put up a pretty good show of fishing techniques

And here it is as a gallery.

5 thoughts on “Interludes: Grebe Fishing

  1. Wonderful images of the Grebe, David! Great to see! It seems like forever since I have been to Jawbone. (I should have gone this morning, the power was out across Woodvile and Pt. Cook for hours!)
    A shame the chicks were o the wrong side of the pond!

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    1. G’day,
      We didn’t have the best of light, but that seems par for the course at the moment (hope friday morning is ok),
      They are such mobile birds and seem to move about the whole water complex so it was not unsurprising that we didn’t get closer looks.

      Life seems to be filled with one complexity after another of late.


  2. G’day David

    Love these characters! Have followed them for the last three years or so. Jawbone seems to suit them. Will go back again soon.


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