Saturday Evening Post #175 : Like Nectar

Deng Ming-Doa writes:

Sleek sky of cobalt blue;
Water like nectar satisfies deeply;
Air sweeter than the best perfume;
Sunlight warms a grateful cat

He then goes on to point out that we should take happiness when it comes.

The world comes into us via our tv news or doom scrolling on the internet.  The conversation at the coffee shop quickly deteriorates to this or that trivial woe.
My Ballarat connexion daughter once pulled that sort of talk up by exclaiming, “It’s not that important to people in Africa suffering from Covid!”

No matter how much we’d prefer it another way, we get the weather that  is coming to us. Standing outside in sunshorts, suncream and a beach umbrella will not stop the momentous storm coming on the horizon.   Similarly putting on a Drizabone and waiting for rain won’t bring it any faster.

Sometimes a trip to a birding area is like that.  We turn up with all the ‘right’ equipment and the birds are no where to be seen.  Or we take a minimum of gear and wish for that ‘magic’ piece that is at home in the camera cupboard.

EE and I were sitting quietly on a picnic table at Point Cook just recently, the tide was in, the birds were gone, and all we had was the music of the wavelets on the sand, the gentle sigh of a breeze in the pines and the warmth of the sunshine.
Sometimes it’s good to be a grateful cat.

The Welcome Swallows were feeding among the tall grasses on the roadside.  Everyso often it was time for a rest.  Some perches were more preferred than others.


5 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post #175 : Like Nectar

  1. A delightful image, David. And yes, we need to be content in the moment, as the environment is at the time. Moaning never changes anything. Even on a day when the birds are not where they usually are or the fish are not biting, just being out is pleasure in itself. Sometimes we just need to realise that and accept it!
    Having said that, today was a splendid day, lots of birds around and phone calls from Di wondering when/if I was coming home!


  2. What a delightful image David! There is definitely only room for one on that perch, and perhaps it was a race to see who got there first.

    It is surely best to live in the moment as much as possible, to enjoy what the day brings and not waste time in wanting something different. I do like the poem.


  3. A wonderful capture David. It is almost wanting for you to know what happens next as time seems frozen.
    Yes it is those birdless moments when you both just kick back and enjoy the moment that makes it so special at times. The breeze, the trees the sounds of nature etc. We love just putting our folding chairs out by the river in the shade and enjoying quiet brew at times, they are special shared moments. Enjoy your week my friend.


  4. Being of the “still at work kind” I can attest to the wave of rubbish one has to wade thru and the desire for just a quite bench or sunbeam by which to simply curl up in. I wouldn’t mind coming back as a cat but then I’m not sure I could handle that for 9 repeats.


    1. Too true. Once trip around will do me. Sometimes I think I’ve lived the 9 lives anyway. 🙂
      The philosophers have it easy really. Sit, dream up stuff that the normal stressed and working soul does not have the option, nor the inclination to ponder. So the mere mortals, can nod wisely and dream of such options. Meanwhile the cat curls up and dreams of mice.



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