Saturday Evening Post #154: Is that Light at the End of the Tunnel—Or, A Train Coming Toward Me!

When the night has been too lonely
And the road has been too long
And you think that love is only
For the lucky and the strong
Just remember in the winter
Far beneath the bitter snow
Lies the seed that with the sun’s love
In the spring becomes the Rose

Amanda McBroom
From the movie “The Rose”, sung by Bette Midler.


And a friend sent me this link
Hope you find it interesting



7 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post #154: Is that Light at the End of the Tunnel—Or, A Train Coming Toward Me!

  1. Interesting read David and lovely capture of the youngster being fed. I love the title of your post the humour has a reality to it, as the journalist shared it is feeling like reverse lock-down to it all. We are starting to get restless here, as promises are made about our path out of lock-down and then changed A carrot on a string being jiggled in front of us and as we move near the target is then moved. Again as in your part of the world the anti-vaxers and anti-lock downs, now exposed as a mixture of very unsavory inclusions just out to make trouble, they just make it drag on, as do the many who continue to defy the orders to stay at home and not travel. Interesting one of the protesters at the cenotaph in Melbourne is now positive and in hospital, we now wait to see how many, as we do here with ours. Enjoy your weekend and stay warm through this current wintry blast.

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    1. Hi Ashley,
      It’s been that sort of a week, and I simply decided that a detailed post without some cutting comment was beyond me tonight.
      EE and I stopped on Sunday at a local coffee shop we’d not been able to visit as it was outside our travel circle, but the new 10km gave us a bit more flexibility.
      They had a sign on the window. Closed! Permanently. We are overwhelmed and can’t stay in business any longer. Thanks to loyal customers, faithful staff and reliable suppliers. We’ll miss you all.

      So another business hits the wall, and our careless politicians take jaunts overseas to play on the stage, hide behind restrictions that protect the decaying hospital system they have let run down and the sad thing is that we all gave in to the ‘lockdown restriction’ without a whimper.
      I just hope its not a Train!

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  2. And the birds just get on with nurturing the next generation. A lovely photograph David.

    We shall get through this and in the meantime we can enjoy the small things like nestlings being fed, which are really far more important than most of our first world problems. There are many horrors in the world far worse than anything we are experiencing, even though I have every sympathy for those worried about whether their business will survive.

    I just hope everyone remembers how politics seems to be more important than caring for the whole community, and votes accordingly when we get to next year’s election!

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    1. Thanks Eleanor. I think I’ll change my name to Phil. or Bill. 🙂
      It is as you point out a world of unfathomable conditions. I think the lockdown mania has overlooked how much lack of real care and compassion has been shown to those who have had to bear the brunt of the change in business field. Large players have been rewarded. Small family business have been flicked away like yesterday’s newsconference.

      I hope I’m not hearing clicky-clack on the railway tracks. 🙂

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      1. Sorry to read about your coffee shop closing and as you say, it is not only the owners and their family, but the staff, the suppliers, and on and on the ripples go, multiplied by the numbers of other small businesses also deciding they cannot go on. It is a sad time for so many people.


  3. An article that pretty much sums it up. Hopefully that light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter, some days it doesn’t seem to be. Sorry to hear about the coffee shop that has closed. So many have reached the point where the losses just can’t be sustained anymore. My business isn’t closing but it has been sold (handover at the end of next month). I have kept a couple of contracts for myself as a contractor. Hopefully the coffee shop owner has some other employment.
    A lovely image of the young Willie being fed. I don’t think ‘ours’ have hatched yet, the nest is in a difficult place to get a good look into.

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    1. Thanks David,
      I think the article coming on the end of the coffee shop closure was a turning point for my tolerance of the lockdown madness.
      When the cure becomes more deadly than the disease, it is time to reevaluate.

      Glad to learn you have been able to make a decision on your workload, I’m sure that there will be more reasons than just getting time or financial, so good luck as you re-engineer going forward.

      I think the real disaster of closing a business is not just the stress of the owner, but on the staff, I’d have guesses as many as 30, and their suppliers who now have one less client to work with. Multiply it out, and the net effect is staggering for lives and economy. Yet our defiant leadership are only interested it seems in protecting the decrepit hospital system they let run into the ground.


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