From the Field Notes Book: Care and Feeding of a Hobby

Some more moments from feeding habits of Hobbys.

This is a single event.

  • The Male flies in with his latest acquisition.  He calls quietly to announce his presence and then just sits and waits.

  • With barely a wing-flap she sweeps out of the nest, circles and lands beside him.

  • He is always wary about letting go of the prey until he is certain that she has complete control.

    • Every time there is a food transfer, he is always so intent on watching that it has transferred correctly. He always seems ready to slip of the branch should she lose grasp.  I’d guess that it would only fall a metre or so before he was on it.  Still, I have never seen her miss.

  • Away to prepare it for the young.

  • This is not from the same sequence, but fits into the story line here well.

More to come.


8 thoughts on “From the Field Notes Book: Care and Feeding of a Hobby

  1. Wonderful to see the process of the food being procured and prepared for the young. They really are very efficient! No fuss just get the job done. Superb images, as always, David!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi David, normally my time with a Hobby is a quick shot of a bird on fence or tree, or a 90kph flypast, way way over there. 🙂
      Not as gracious as working with Black-shouldered Kites, but a valuable insight into the Hobbys methods.
      The standout is the absolute efficiancy of their actions. The preplanning going on as they move is pretty impressive


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