Saturday Evening Post #113: With Gratitude

Simple Post—With Gratitude.
When I was very much a young bloke, I was a member of a speaking club.  Mostly a social thing as I recall, and of course, a few business contacts never went astray.

One of the points that I recall from all that is the reviewer saying over and over.
“Make sure that you state the purpose of your message up front, early and clearly. So no one has to ponder what or where you are going. No one wants to listen for twenty minutes and then finally discover what the topic, and your point of view actually is”.  He probably didn’t end with a verb, but hey…

Magazine editors make the same demand of feature writers. If the lead is buried 5 paragraphs down, its either rewritten, or returned.

And So I find myself as we approach the end of the year, scarcely able to grasp where we have come this year, not only  physically and emotionally, but photographically.

And it lead me so far to be Grateful that I’m even here to write about it.

I’m also grateful to everyone who has kindly ‘Liked’ the blog, and to those special people who’ve taken a few moments to add their thoughts on the subject.
Me writing a blog does not make me the expert, and really it only exists if people take the time to read, and view the photos. Thanks to your all.

My gratitude to all those on the front line who have stressed and strained under the most dreadful conditions to keep us safe. What else can we say. Thank you.

To the coffee dudes in the local coffee shops who’ve struggled to keep their businesses afloat, to provide food and also a social meeting point that has helped to relieve some stresses.  Thanks.  And thanks to my plastic card that has tapped and gone so many times on cups of coffee to go.

Thanks also to the lockdown, yes I mean that.  As its given me the chance to sort out my runaway photo library. Now a svelte shadow of its former bulging self, I think I am confident the dross has been discarded.

And to the software manufacturers who have plied me with ways to “Bring out the Picture within my Photo.” with their special sauces and blends of technology. At least this year I’ve been able to play with them, and actually laid out money for one.

Thanks to EE, Mr An Onymous, Dave T David N, Len T, Chris L and so many others whom I have had the pleasure of sharing the bush, and the birds and their special patches.  It’s been a thrill each time.

And thanks to the birds. Without them ….asPoetry wouldn’t be as exciting to work on.

The Australian Hobby here is the female of a nesting pair.  She has just been delivered a meal for her young. Time to prepare it and feed her growing brood.

The eternal struggle to maintain the species goes on. Ohh ending on a preposition.(Be grateful I ended)

10 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post #113: With Gratitude

  1. And we are grateful to you too David, for sharing your thoughts, your beautiful images and your connection with the birds you watch and photograph. A year like this one makes us pause, contemplate what is good and important in our lives. We know never to take anything for granted, but to value all that we have. I don’t mean things, but our families and friends, our beautiful world and the creatures which share it with us so graciously.

    A wonderful shot of the Hobby returning to her brood. Let’s hope they survive and thrive.

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    1. Thanks CB, happy to learn that a few of the bird opportunities we have experienced have made the ‘hell year’ a little more tolerable.
      Thanks also for the creative insight of your own blog


  2. Thanks David for your most inspiring blog, with many of the most amazing and perfect captures I have ever seen. I am inspired and encouraged when read your work each week. Thank you my friend for sharing your lifetime of experience and talent which is showcased in your beautiful captures. I love more than ever that, similar to myself, you capture the birds doing life and bring their narrative to us in both photo and word, which is far more interesting than just a lovely photo of a perched bird. We realize more and more that birds are a lot like us and we can learn a lot from them, as they do from watching us. May you and your wife also enjoy a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and enjoyable new year. 🙂

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    1. Hi Ashley, I think the narrative of the bird’s lives are what started the blog rolling so long back. Things were simpler then, I had a smaller area to work in, plenty of interesting birds, and several lovely people who shared their knowledge of Woodlands Historic Park. Hard not, from time to time, look back fondly on those years and have a little think about how amazing it was to be in a steep learning curve.

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  3. We do have much to be grateful for, especially this year which has been a tough one in many ways. I am always grateful for your blog work, a fascinating read with some superb images. A bright spot each time. I am also grateful for the time I have spent with you and EE ‘down the paddock’ – always a wonderful learning experience for me. It will be interesting to see if the Bs K’s nest again. Here’s to catching up on the road in the coming year, and hopefully it will be a better one.
    My compliments of the season to you both!

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    1. G’day, Yep, enjoy catching up and chatting about the ways of the birds.
      Hard not to spend time with EE and not get a feeling that her total involvement in the bird’s lives will reveal things us mere mortals would never see. 🙂
      Keep takin’ pictures, We do.


    1. Yo! Rob, thanks for dropping by and adding to the conversations, as St Francis is reputed to have said to all he met on the road, ” “Pax et bonum,” which means **”Peace and all good”.
      May 2021 bring you some peace and good.


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