Photographic Essay: I Thought Everyone Loved Me!

This is a story from earlier in the year.

The young Black-shouldered Kites had only recently fledged and were still in the process of learning how to use the muscle control of the wings, how the wind varies. and that it might be possible eventually to fly in something more than a straight line, and land by simply crashing into things.

As it turned out this youngster got to the air, but with a strong wind blowing it managed to drift away from the shelter of the nesting area and about 200metres out eventually land in the leaves of a tall gum tree.

What it didn’t know, and was soon to find out, was that a pair of Red Wattlebirds also had a nest in the tree and some fine youngsters coming on. And at that stage they had a zero tolerance policy for any bird, stray or otherwise from resting near their young.

After several swoops the little Kite realised an important lesson in life. Not everybody loves a cute little ginger and white Kite.

Under attack it took to the air, but it didn’t have the aerial skills of the Honeyeaters that mercilessly chased it from the area.  Taking out a beakful or two of back feathers in the process.

A week later it would have been a different encounter, but the Honeyeaters pressed their attack with avengeance.

Here tis.

11 thoughts on “Photographic Essay: I Thought Everyone Loved Me!

  1. A wonderful chronicle of events, David! The Wattlebirds will brook no interference when it comes to their young.
    Definitely a time of learning for the Kite!


  2. Stunning aerial captures David, a lesson well learned I guess, in weeks to come the story could be a little different. I love how devoted birds are to protect their young, it is a wild and dangerous world out there for them.

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    1. Hello Ashley, yes, this was in the first week of being airborne. Just flying was such an effort, the subtle balance and control were yet to be learned. Not that the kite was any danger to the young Wattlebirds, but I suppose they took their opporunity while they could.
      I’m sure the little kite was not scarred for life, nor had to attend rejection clinics as it grew older.


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