Photographic Essay: On the Road Again

Our first real day out after 4 months of Lockdown.

The title of the blog says more to my hairstyle than it does to the fact we were out and about.

At the moment, Willie Nelson and I have similar hairstyles. 🙂
So hum a few bars of “I’m on the Road Again, life I love is making photos with my friend, and I’ can’t wait to be on the Road Again.”

Where else would we have started than a trip to “The Office”.

As it turned out not a bad choice for a day out.  We loaded up IamGrey and with a sandwich and a cuppa it looked to be a good day.

Here is a quick selection from the day.

First up for the day. Purple-crowned Lorikeets. Each time I find these little birds I always come away feeling better about life and the world in general. They have such calming attitudes
This pair have a nesting site that is regularly used. I was really happy to find them out enjoying the sunshine
Another pair of Purple-crowned have a solid branch for their site. This one is blocking the hole so that marauding Rainbow Lorikeets will not bother its young.
There has always been a steady number of Little Lorikeets at the Office.
I was hoping they might be nesting, but this one did not seem to be interested.
It took me quite awhile to find it amongst the canopy. For all their bright colours they are muted in the shadows of the leaves and blend in so well.
White-browed Scrubwren busy with lunch
A recently fledged Fantail Cuckoo. Another score for EE.
It sat for quite a time, as we ate our sandwich and enjoyed the Earl’s good blend.
It no doubt has been hosted by some unfortunate thronbill or wren.
It took off to a bush, and I followed to see where it had gone.
Not the best photo I ever made, but does show the activity.
The young bird quite happily called in “Scrubwrenese” and within a few moments a White-browed Scrubwren arrived with food, followed immediately by a second one.
So perhaps the Scrubbies have been host to this rather large youngster.
After following a lot of calling noises we located a pair of Australian Hobby that have settled into nesting. The local Red Wattlebirds have taken exception to the visitors and kept up a running battle with both birds.
No doubt their numbers will diminish when the young Hobbys are hatched.
The never ending battle.
Wagtail on Raven


And so humming a few more bars of Willie Nelson’s tune, we headed back to IamGrey and home.


8 thoughts on “Photographic Essay: On the Road Again

  1. The perfect song for the day! I can’t claim a Willie Nelson haircut though! I must admit is was great to be out again today. And it only took me about ten minutes to get back ‘in the groove’. Looks like you had a wonderful day at the office. Some superb images there, David. And I agree, the Purple Crowned Lorikeets always seem to lift the spirits.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. G,day,
      We had an interesting day in that what we expected essentially we missed, and some unexpected things came as a pleasant surprise.
      Heard Sacred Kingfisher in three locations, but the grass is to long to general meandering, now that the weather is warmer.
      Just have to settle in and see what happens.


  2. Great to see you out and about again David, it must be like going on vacation. Wonderful captures of Spring activity. Love the Lorikeet shots, especially the Purple-crowned, we never see here. I saw a photo recently of a Scrubby feeding a Fan-tailed Cuckoo, they appear to be good hosts for them, such busty birds. I am amazed at how many Willies I have seen in the past month attacking various larger birds to maintain their exclusion zones. My wife made me go to the hairdresser when we came out the first week, but I was still not sure about safety. When I finally did go I got a much shorter cut which lasts longer, in case we had a second wave. I am getting use to not having to do much with my hair. Though back in the day when we were teens we craved the long hair look as a part of our rebellion to the status quo. We tried to look different, but we all had long hair and Levy jeans and listened to the same music, so we only created a new status quo. Just think how much money you have saved on haircuts, these are some positive outcomes from Covid. Enjoy your freedom, we all pray it lasts.


  3. What a wonderful collection of birds and images to celebrate your release from lockdown! Beautiful images as always. I think the whole of Melbourne needs a haircut. I have to wait until Friday next week for mine, as my hairdresser is booked solid until then!


  4. G’day David. It feels so good to read your report from the other side of the river at the best office I can imagine. You’ve brought back some lovely memories of Purple-crowned Lorikeets I saw there bathing in a eucalyptus tree. Enjoy your work there as much as I enjoy your photojournalism.


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