Photographic-Essay: Annoying Relatives

It happens just about every-time.
You settle in for a quiet meal-in peace, and a hungry, noisy relative drops by looking for a little bit of the action.

One young Black-shouldered Kite had just recieved a top-up from Dad.
Time to find a quiet branch.
Then, with the usual racket, one of the close relatives drops in to see if there is a handout.

This looked like a good branch to enjoy a quiet snack
Hey, hey, here I come, any for me?
I’m here, are you going to share?
Short answer is obviously No!
Checking that it didn’t leave anything behind.
Now to find a better spot
Lunch in the sun. More than picnic.

3 thoughts on “Photographic-Essay: Annoying Relatives

  1. A fascinating look at the interaction between the siblings. The one certainly not wanting to give up the prize!
    It will be a bit slippery down there today, just on 3 mm in the gauge overnight. It was bad enough the other day after 1 mm!


  2. Amazing captures David as always you blow me away with the events you capture. I especially love the one with the mouth wide open flying toward you. So much material for a life story of the Black-shouldered Kite. Enjoy your week 🙂

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