Saturday Evening Post #63 : Big Annoucement—The Magnificent Magpie project 2020

I’ve spent part of the holiday time reading, or studying, a book called “Australian Magpie”, by Gisela Kapplan (see here)

One of the things that struck me was from her detailed observations, how often I’ve seen the same or similar behaviour, yet how little of it I have actually photographed.  And I put it down to, “Oh, they are just Magpies”, while I was looking for that ‘elusive’ new species I needed to locate. 🙂
I think I wrote about that last week.

I’ve just finished a project with another group and wondered what I might contribute in 2020.
Which is why I’ve decided to spend the year collecting as many Magpie Pictures as I can.

So welcome to the announcement of the beginning of “The Magnificent Magpie project 2020”.  Magnificent being the Magpie not the project, just so we’re all clear on that.

Rather than fill pages and pages of WordPress blog, I’m going to make it mostly a visual journey.
To do that, the photos will appear on a SMUGMUG folio.

Yes, I know all the flickr folk shudder at Smugmug, but they do make it very easy to create photo galleries and link the work in various threads.
And yes, I did spend a buck or two for the page, (50% off for Flickr pro members—no, its not a paid sales incentive remark, just explaining).

And I figured if I put some funds up front, I’d be more likely to consider it of value and the project might have continuity for the year.

Here is a link.

My plan is to take photos of habitat, behaviour, activities, interaction, and other character qualities making each a gallery that is added to on a somewhat ad hoc basis as I come across Magpies in their day to day lives.
One good thing, is they are hardly rare, so I’m probably not going to get stuck for subjects.

Those that follow will see the galleries expand as move along with the project.

There are places to comment, and there are at the moment several other galleries in place with other images, as I began to figure out how it all worked. Hope you enjoy the way SmugMug shows of the images.  There is a full page quad arrow for a bigger size.

I might also expand it for Local Birds, in my neighbourhood, and then birds from various locations that we visit. Like “the office”

Feeling good about a project that is not only interesting, but achievable.

Hope to see you over at SmugMug some time.  I’ll put the occasional update page here just to keep it linked.
Yes, will continue, this is just a parallel work.

I can hear magpies calling as I write. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post #63 : Big Annoucement—The Magnificent Magpie project 2020

  1. Sounds like a great and fascinating project, David! I look forward to viewing.
    I have been considering a Smug page and will be interested to see how it works and what your thoughts about it are!

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    1. Hello David,
      Thanks for the support. I think most of the fun has been mapping out what direction it might go, and how to keep it discrete enough to avoid it rambling off on its own. Which I fully suspect might happen.
      SmugMug, is at best interesting. A good layout for photos, could accomplish the same thing with a bunk of html code, but I’m not trying to achieve a webfantasic, just document the year with Maggie.

      The Smugmug support team are top-notch, fast response, infact one thing they fixed for me while I was still reading the email reply. 🙂
      If I gave it to my grandkids to sort out, they’d probably get the idea in no time, but I am struggling a bit to really understand how to display, pages, galleries and folders in a meaningful way, with out getting cluttered up in menus and the like.

      But first blush seems worthwhile.
      We’ll see


  2. I’ll be interested to see what you come up with. Most of the time I see them on the grass, or being chased by Willie Wagtails, or Magpie Larks.

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    1. Hi Rodger, I think that is one of the interesting things I want to explore, most times we see them doing magpie things without much involvement, I hope I can learn a bit more about their character.


  3. What a great idea. We don’t pay them as much attention as we should, just because we see them in good numbers still, unlike so many other birds. They are so smart and entertaining. A tree a bit further down our street is the Head Office of a family group, and I always say hello to them when we walk past.

    I’m a Gisela Kaplan fan from way back, and have several of her books, so I am glad you enjoyed her study of Magpies.

    Oh, and a lovely photograph of the pair doing their carolling!

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    1. Thanks Eleanor, as I noted to Rodger, its that family interaction, and personal character that I hope I’ll discover some insight into as the year goes on. Else, it will just be fun.
      Gisela’s works are most fascinating.


  4. Well done David, off to a good start! Looks a great start for 2020! It is good to see the White-backs again, and always love to see them captured warbling. Look forward to seeing more as your Magnificent Magpie project Magnifie the Magpies. Stay safe! 🙂

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    1. Welcome along Ashley, I’m still struggling with giving myself some boundaries to how it might all come together, and of course matching the time to be in the right place for maggie action.
      Hope the fires are not affecting you and yours.
      We did a run down from Wangaratta today, after 3 days up in the family acres. No damge, but the constant red/orange glow in the eerie light is like living in a huge ‘Warning Beacon’.


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