Saturday Evening Post: #24 Ephemerality

Still on my Freeman Patterson  binge.

As I wandered about the various shops and buildings in Queenscliff, I came across the photographer’s shop. At first I thought I’d just grab it for a record.  But when I looked harder I noted the ‘double glaze’ reflection. One of those AH! moments.

I walked across the road, and began to swing the little zoom in to action, the first two or three frames were ok, and the idea was good, but… I had a dark jacket on at the time, and a lighter coloured shirt, (Well it was actually grey), so I took off the jacket and got a much crisper looking evanesence in the window.  And this is where the zoom started to earn its keep.

I needed to move forward enough to give me just the right size reflection, and at the same time keep the frame of the window and the building.  Which inevitably ended up being about the middle of the road. Thankfully it wasn’t peak hour traffic on the main Queenscliff highway, so I had a minute or two to work it out.

As Patterson says,

“Nothing is more valuable to you in meeting the challenge of subject and yourself than an awareness of the symbolic content of your subject matter.
What does it suggest to you?
What does it evoke?
What is it likely to suggest to others?”

On that I leave you to ponder.

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