Postcards: Jawbone Morning


I showed some Swan Moments from our Jawbone trip last week, and now its the turn of the Great Crested Grebe and friends.
We lucked out a little with one of the Great Crested Grebe as it was feeding around the close edges of the lake by the housing estate and moved out into more open water later.  The second one, seemed to like the far, far, far side of the ponds and we only managed the most fleeting of glimpses.

Still there was plenty of other action—including the Swans— to fill up a memory card.


I’d not noted before how low it is in the water when at work.
Grey Teal
Blue-billed Duck (M)
Young Silver Gull waiting expentantly and noisily
Pied Stilt
Little Black Cormorant
Blue-billed Duck (F)
A quick shake to put the feathers back after a preen
Wing stretch
The simplicity of ripples
The legs are far at the back of the body enable them to get a real speed up

4 thoughts on “Postcards: Jawbone Morning

  1. Always plenty to see at Jawbone. Glad to know the Great Crested Grebes are still there. I didn’t see them last time I was there. Beaut images, David.


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