Saturday Evening Post #013 Nankeen Night Heron

Been an interesting week of weather.  Yesterday in the mid 40s C, today just barely made it to 20C  Mind I’m pretty happy with the cooler weather. Then by mid-afternoon, lovely clear blue sky and a coolish breeze. Go figure.

Many of the regulars here are also members on Flickr.  Flickr seems destined to shoot itself in the foot and alienate the very people who have loyally stuck with it over the years. Who can forget the dreadful, Black Page Format, that nearly gave the viewer migraine, but we persevered.
Now it seems the new owners have no notion of the importance that many users—well, at least the ones I follow— place on the smaller sub-communities of likeminded folk who regularly post, comment and enjoy the work of their community groups.  Just like having friends on fb, but actually friends. And being able to meet them in person and travel to places with them makes it all the more interesting.

But the new 1,000 picture limit is going to strain the friendships I feel. Mind the  cost of a Pro account (and unlimited pictures) is only a few cents a day, and not much more than a pub meal night out for two, so it’s not a serious financial burden.
My disappointment with it, is I get nothing new for my extra investment. I don’t want to upload every photo I ever took.  I’m in the process of backing up my entire library as far back as 2004, (the earlier ones are on CD and DVD,  how’s that for old technology.  Some of those were transferred from SCART Tape Drives. (you young’uns will need to ask prof google about that).

I’m using GoodSync. And its all going to a NAS system from Western Digital.  And Goodsync has reliably informed me, that 5,203 hours are needed to move the images over the Gigabit network I’m using. But to be honest, I think the speed is an inherent problem of WD’s cheep NAS hardware/software.
Oh yeah, the point!

Well if I was to upload all those to a Pro Account and then try to search for them and do all the stuff I normally do in a week with my current pics, it might be as much as 3 days between images. Given that my NBN is not exactly scorching the cables to move data about.

So I’m —as they say— a bit ambivalent about Flickr Pro account.  Don’t panic, I’m not abandoning Flickr, just pondering if I can live with the 1,000 image limit. I still want to keep in touch with folk.


We have been working with Latham’s Snipe at the Heathdale Glen Orden wetlands.
The other morning we glimpsed a Nankeen Night Heron, and, well, EE managed a couple of good shots of it inflight.   ‘Nuff said. She’s good like that

We were back yesterday morning, before the heat, and I saw the bird go into a tree.  I had to wade about in the water to get an open shot, but reckon the result was worth the sloshing about in the mud.


7 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post #013 Nankeen Night Heron

  1. PS Meant to add that I am staying on Flickr and keeping below the 1,000 limit. All my photographs are filed on the computer, so I don’t need it for storage, and I don’t imagine anyone (probably including me) wants to look at the older images. So I pruned down from about 3,500 to about 650 or so, and in a while I shall toss out some of the 2018 shots too to keep the number manageable.

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    1. Hi Eleanor, pretty much my thinking.
      I knocked out about 2,500 this past week and didn’t miss any of them.
      Also made me more aware of what I’d be posting from now on, The storage option isn’t going to work for me, and I’m going to come under Adobe’s spell any time soon, and they have a pretty useful file storage transfer deal I’ll probably take up.


  2. That’s a gorgeous image.. wish I saw them more often. flickr has been invaluable as a learning tool because it enables relative beginners like me to study other users EXIF data and learn so much from their techniques. Fortunately most users don’t hide that data 🙂

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    1. Hi Derek, they are pretty far between good sightings here too. Was pretty happy with this one, as it was hard to see from anywhere but this angle. Gumbbies worked. Else I’d have no view at all.

      Flickr is a great community. I guess I’m miffed this time as its a no win for most of us. We either pay for something we don’t want. Or we don’t pay and get a crippled experience. Such is the way of the big world around.
      Mind having been in the Applevese for such a long time, I think I’m pretty used to big business abandoning the needs of a specific user group.
      It’s the only thing that keeps me from completley commiting to joining the Dark Side of the Force and becoming an Adobe R2D2


  3. Great to see the NNH, hope it is still there through the week, I’m just too tired to wander up today!
    Yes Flickr is a problem at times, and the Pro Vs 1,000 limit was a major discussion last night on our Flickr Group outing. Some opting for the 1,000 limit some paying the price. For mine, I will keep on paying as I like the idea of being able to pull up an image on my phone at any time without having to store on the phone or use the data to access the cloud (Flickr uses very little data to use the app). But I am hopping that the service improves, I have seen enough Pandas to last a while and do tire of Flickr getting very slow at certain times of the day.

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    1. David,
      Thanks for dropping by. Yep, tis a tricky bird to locate, as it blends so well, the only hope I ever get is if it goes airborne, and if I hadn’t had the gumbbies, then it would have been out of reach.

      I’m not anti-Flickr, love the process and as Derek says, its a good way to both share, and to learn from others vision of their world.
      I can see the need for access and as not much data is stored, unlike Apple Icloud Photos or Adobe Lr Mobile, there is lots of advantage for those on the move. Not part of my use, so I can let it slide by this time, and I an always re institute the Pro somewhere down the line if needed. I don’t have any images on Flickr that are ‘hidden’ from public, but that is how i would see it work for me to store a portfolio of my best. (but then I could also open a second account, and put them all up there, )

      I don’t intend to abandon the current work, and the folk that I’ve got as friends, just have to be careful how I deal with the 1,000 limit if I don’t renew. Its a bit pressing for me as my renewal is in a few days time.
      Catch you Along the Track sometime.



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