Snapshots: Freckled Duck Antics

Had to wrestle with the title.  After all the majority of Freckled Ducks I’ve ever seen have been asleep on the bank or on logs.  No swimming about for these ducks.  Sleeping is their number one activity. And I suspect they have turned it into an art form.

At Eynesbury there is a small clan of Freckled Duck and they seem pretty content with the area and are to be found most days we travel out there.
We were coming back to the vehicle after spending an afternoon with the nesting Jacky Winter and had stopped at a table by the dam for a quick cuppa before the trip home.

Which is when for some Duck Reason, the Freckled all sailed off the little island were they had been preening or snoozing and came by for a quick swim about. Didn’t take us long to replace the cuppa with the camera and here are a few of the more exciting moments.




There is always time to declare territory or pecking order


Just perhaps in this case the victim turned out to be the victor



Out of my way, or I’ll peck your tail!


This is the first time I can recall seeing the wings outspread


A little water bath and a good wing stretch. Time for a nap

Enjoy, We did