+ It is So Hot +

“It's like a finger pointing away to the moon. 
Don't concentrate on the finger 
or you will miss all that heavenly glory.”
 Bruce Lee

“It’s 115 degrees in the Waterbag”, my dear old Dad was wont to proclaim on scorching hot days.  (115 being in degrees Fahrenheit)
We were travelling past Goschen after a week up at the family acres and suffering through a run of days above 40C. This morning it was already 44C and not even yet mid-morning. (And we had at least 4 hours of roadwork ahead of us).

To add to the difficulty there was a strong northerly wind blowing as well.   For the geographically and meteorologically challenged, that means the winds are carrying very hot air down from the interior of Australia and a quick look at your average Aussie map will show that there is a lot, mostly, of desert out there.  About 70% of the land mass is semi arid or arid.  That’s about 5.3 Million square kilometers.
And most of it was concentrating on Goschen.

To be honest, we should have just kept going, a nice cool drink and a pie at the Eaglehawk Bakery was our next stop.
But, well, you never know do you?

However after about 30 mins of blistering wind, little shade and myriad flies, it was time, as they say, to let discretion have the better of the moment, and we sat in the pathetic shade of the old—now badly deteriorating and neglected— Goschen Hall.  A quick cuppa, a snack, and, well, we’d be on the road.

Speaking of family, my Mum always used to say, “Nothing like a hot cup of tea on a wretched day.” And as the kettle was always on the stove, the teapot sitting on the side and plenty of rich sugar in the bowl, perhaps she was right about a hot, black, sugar rich  cuppa.   At least the time taken to sit, sip, enjoy, and talk about things did help to pass the time away.

We’d seen little of the bird life of the area that morning. Unlike a few days before when only time for other commitments dragged us on our journey.  More of that on another blog.

As we sat, a tiny blur of wings landed in a tree not far from us.

A Hooded Robin

We had seen in the past few days quite a number of both male and females in the area, so it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.
He was hot. Really hot. And wanted some relief.   This is Goschen. There is no permanent standing water.  There probably hadn’t been rain in at least the past 6-8 weeks at a guess.

So with the strong North Wind blowing, he found a shaded large limb to perch on, and then with wings wide spread he made the most of the breeze.  And he rode the breeze like a surfer on a board. Cooling one side then the other. So concentrating on his attempt at getting cool, he didn’t seem to fussed by our close approach.

For the next five minutes or so he made the most of cooling off as best possible.

And we left him to it and headed back for our hot drive to Eaglehawk.

Enjoy.  He certainly did.

6 thoughts on “+ It is So Hot +

  1. Love your hooded robin, and that is so hot, so glad I live near the coast. 40 anything is too hot, and as we both know is knocking the birds 🦅 around big time this summer. Keep cool my friend😊


  2. Good story and pictures David. I’ve never seen a Hooded Robin live. One thing makes me wonder: most bird’s I watch during such hot days have their beaks open but your Robin keeps it shut. Is this something robins do? Stay cool and hydrated.


    1. G,day Adam,

      Good observation. Panting seems to be one of the methods they all use to cool down. This little dude was much more interested in letting the breeze get among his feathers. I did see other robins there and some of them were doing the open beak panting.

      Philosophically, one could ponder why they even bother being in the area during such hot bursts of weather. Its still 39 there today! But the insects they collect must have enough moisture to keep them topped up. They must really enjoy a day when the rain comes and they can freshen up the feathers.


  3. Great shots of the robin Dave. I’ve never seen one in the wild and I certainly wouldn’t be out on a day that hot, but I enjoyed the images none the less.


    1. Hello Rodger, Goschen is such a variable place to visit. Sometimes in the middle of the hottest weather there is a super range of birds. Other times in good -reasonable- weather its hard to find any.

      The story might say something about my mental state as much as anything, but it seemed a reasonable risk to take as we were there early in the morning, although, ‘in the cool of the morning’, doesn’t really apply.

      Glad you liked the shots. The Hooded Robins are there all year round. Just pick a cooler time, April May, Sept Oct are usually the most prolific times.


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