Studio Werkz: The White-plumed Honeyeater Appointment

I know all the birds of the hills

Psalm 50

To say we’ve had a run of weather of late would be to guild the lily somewhat.  Lack of sunshine, and howling southerly winds have been much more the norm. Add to that the best of fast moving squalls with intense rain, and well, its enough to make you roll over and pull the donnah up even closer.

So with a touch of sunshine peeking through the breakfast room window, EE and I decided on a quick trip to The Office.  Image our surprise when we found Mr An Onymous out there as well.  Put it down to the call of the Osprey.  However she wasn’t in residence so we had to content ourselves with lesser subjects.

We were standing on the footbridge over the Werribee River, contemplating a coffee at the Werribee Mansion Cafe, when up cycled a couple of friends from the Werribee Wagtails.  One being Secretary of said group, so we immediately came to attention.  Well sort of.  Wagtails is not that sort of group.

As we chatted about various things in birdology, I noted a White-plumed Honeyeater on a branch quite close to the bridge.  Now, I know its all political incorrect anthropromorpish twaddle, but I think the Honeyeater was quite infatuated with our little informal gathering.  Normally they look, and then fly away.  This one. Lingered.

And I got the idea it wasn’t in any hurry, and so began a few minutes of getting some fine portrait shots of this lovely little bird.  It gave me the chance to work with various poses and against differing backdrops.   And in the end, my walking back and forth didn’t seem to faze the little bird at all.  It did change perches for me a few times and in the end, decided that human discussion on the finer points of birding, was, well  boring.  And flew off.






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6 thoughts on “Studio Werkz: The White-plumed Honeyeater Appointment

  1. What a cooperative little fellow! Some lovely portrate shots David. I usually only see these guys on the other side of the ranges where in some areas are the most present bird. They are so tiny and agile and always chasing each other when in flock.


    1. Hi AB, its not often that I can get one out in the open, and sitting still, so this must be a first.
      They are pretty much one of the main contenders for most frequent bird, just never really get them in the open

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  2. A very impressive series of shots of the honeyeater. Normally I can’t get close at all, these look like you were very close.Well done.


    1. Hello Eleanor, you know, I think it was generally interested in our presence.
      Its worth googling Youtube, Hurricane Harvey and Hawk, as there is a cab driver who has a Coopers Hawk fly into his cab just at the beginning of the storm.And it stayed. Its pretty amusing to see it sitting on the dash.


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