News Flash: Important Update: Tale of a Wagtail A revisit

Took a stroll tonight to look for the little lone Wagtail of my previous post.  A bit harder to find as its well on the wing.

So turned to go back for a fine cuppa of Earl of Grey with EE, my favourite person.

As I passed by the old tree that had held the nest, I stopped just to see how dilapidated it would have become in the past few days.

Double take Time !!!

Was that a tail I saw on the nest.  Stop, rub eyes, look again.

She has added a new coat of web to the nest, set up the wide-screen tv, remodelled the Kitchen, and laid eggs and was about to do her part for Wagtail lineage.

In what must be about the fastest turn-around between clutches, this lady means business.  No doubt they’ve figured that one can sit the eggs, while one administers the young fledgling to maturity.

And if the nest worked once. Well!!!
This time I refrained from yelling my best advice across the paddock to her. Including the fact the next few days are going to be in the high 30s C.  I don’t think she considers it good wagtail advice.

Time will tell how it all goes.

Nicely setteled in.  The next addtion to the family is on the way. Persistence and Patience have your way.
Nicely setteled in. The next addtion to the family is on the way. Persistence and Patience have your way.

3 thoughts on “News Flash: Important Update: Tale of a Wagtail A revisit

  1. What amazing endurance and determination these little Wags have David. They are so devoted to their task, it is such a delight to observe. I blogged one earlier when we were up north sitting faithfully and quietly on the nest while all around the noisy Figbirds were drunk on figs. Thanks for the update David, the Wags are such a special part of our Australian heritage. My wife and I often laugh when we visit other states because often the first bird we see is the Willy Wagtail, and they are quite bold and unafraid. One followed me along the beach one day, stayed about a foot away and just watched me for about 30 yards, catching insects on the way, I think it just wanted company as it was alone.


    1. Hi AB,
      It is an amazing process. She will just keep going until she has added her required amount of young to the pool. Or so it seems.
      We worked with a pair about 2 years back, and she in pretty rapid succession, using the same nest, just rejuvenated, put up 4 different clutches—two lots of 3 and two lots of 4.
      By the end of the season she was so thin that the wind blew through her (Joke!),
      I think they like to follow us closely as we stir up tiny insects, barely visible to us. Seen the same thing happen around stock. Sheep, cattle, horses.
      They may be opportunists. But, they do work hard for it all.

      My local birding group was formerly called Werribee Wagtails. The bird is on our newletter masthead.
      Time will telll how this clutch goes, but as its within easy view of a track, and we are down that way for EE to work with the Kingfishers, its not to hard to keep an eye on proceedings


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